Higher Education

*Update in progress (6/2022)

Topic: Higher education, prepared by Beatrice Maron Schaeffer


Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Offered in Previous Years

  • HIST 017: American Indians in Higher Education: Introduction to the Indigenous History of American Education (Ned Blackhawk)
  • EDST 210: Theory and Practice in American Education (Richard Hersh)
  • CSBF 390: Education: Writing About Your World (Jane Karr)
  • EDST 250: Contemporary Challenges to Liberal Education¬†(Richard Hersh)
  • WGSS 417: Constructing Coeducation in the American Academy (Laura Wexler)



Faculty and staff:

Dick Hersh

Marc Levenson, Ezra Stiles

Community leaders:

Clubs, organizations, activities: Matriculate

Field experience:

Internships: US Department of Education, Office of Federal Student Aid (year-long virtual internship)


Post-grad opportunities: