Disability Studies and Education

Last updated 4/7/23

Coursework: Autism and Related Disorders, The Spectacle of Disability


Students: Josie Steuer-Ingall (2024), Arya Singh (2022)

Alumni: Sydney Terroso (2021)

Faculty and staff: Kim Tsujimoto, Joan Bosson-Heenan

Community leaders: 

Clubs, organizations, activities: DEFY, ASLaY, SNUGS

Resources for Yale students with disabilities: Student Accessibility Services, Poorvu CTL resources on accessible teaching & learning, CTL digital accessibility specialist info, Disability Peer Mentor Program, Disability@Yale Survival Guide, Yale Accessibility general website, Report a Disability-Related Accessibility Barrier 


Term-Time Internships

  • Benhaven Academy (Contact: Fred Volkmar) Benhaven Academy provides educational services to students with autism spectrum disorders and developmental disabilities)

Volunteer Opportunities: Yale Child Study Center (McPartland Lab, Sukhodolsky Lab, Jou Lab, Chawarska Lab; can volunteer, get course credit, or occasionally get paid), 

Post-grad fellowships:

Other: Disability Studies Library Resource (https://guides.library.yale.edu/c.php?g=696282&p=4938504)