Funding for Ed Internships & Fellowships

Funding for professional conferences, interview-related travel for Yale juniors and seniors (up to $400)

Summer funding for education internships (more information on the OCS and Fellowships websites)

  • Presidents Public Service Fellowship, deadline middle of January for New Haven internships. Lots of Ed internships available.
  • Dwight Hall Summer Fellows, application for full funding, mid February, partial funding in May
  • SEA Summer Enrichment Award
  • Millstone Fellowships for (government) Public Service
  • Onishi Fellowship (Funds all education internships, including early education.)
  • Dwight Hall YANA Fellows
  • Yale Education Studies has a small number of funding awards via the Summer Field Experience Award, deadline April 1
  • College specific RC funds (Chubb @TD – email your HOC for ideas)
  • Richter fellowships for unpaid/underpaid internships
  • Bates Summer Fellowship: The Robert C Bates Summer Fellowship for International Internships, from the endowments of Jonathan Edwards College, supports Yale College students from any residential college undertaking unpaid or very low-paid internships outside of the USA. Applications for this fellowship will be accepted via the CIPE Summer Fellowships Common Application.

  • Bates Summer Research Fellowship: The Robert C. Bates Summer Research Fellowship, from the endowments of Jonathan Edwards College, supports students who give evidence that their educational experience would be significantly enhanced by a project of independent study and/or research outside of the continental U.S.

Post-graduate national fellowships

  • Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Gates – to fund a Master’s in the UK or Ireland – lots of great ed programs. Begin working on this in junior year spring, August application deadline.
  • Fulbright Teaching Fellow or Research fellow, senior fall application deadline

Yale-specific fellowships (most programs have an early Feb. deadline)

  • Howland fellowship: The Charles P. Howland Fellowship is awarded each year to graduating seniors in Yale College to support projects abroad, primarily volunteer public service, for 10-12 months. Individual grants have ranged from $5,500 to $20,000. Candidates must demonstrate promise of useful activity in efforts to improve international relations and present a proposed project of some benefit to society.
  • Cohen Public Service Fellowship: The Cohen Public Service Fellowship was established to support up to a full year of purposeful public service activity (in the US and internationally). Juniors and graduating seniors may apply for projects lasting nine to twelve months. Up to $10,000 may be available during any one year for support of a Cohen Fellowship(s).
  • Bates Post-graduate fellowship: The Robert C. Bates Postgraduate Fellowship, from the endowments of Jonathan Edwards College, supports seniors who, after successfully navigating an undergraduate education at Yale, have designed a 3-12 month project to build on their Yale experience through further research, an internship, or other creative projects that contribute to society. Projects must be conducted outside of the continental United States, immediately after graduation.