Education Technology

Topic: Education technology, prepared by Phil Esterman and Veena Advani


must take

  • CPSC 100 (CS50) – Intro. to Computing – Brian Scaz”

for tech focus

  • CPSC 201 – Intro. to Computer Science – Dana Angluin”
  • CPSC 223 – Data Structures & Programming Techniques – Eisenstat”
  • CPSC 365 – Intro to Algorithms”



Alumni (be in touch w/Mira Debs for contact information)

  • Fish Stark (’17), Legends – digital SEL programs for upper elementary students
  • Veena Advani (’18)
  • Annie Chen (19), Chan Zuckerberg Foundation

Faculty and staff: Brian Scaz (Computer Science), Pat Devlin (math), Sarah Delmers (phys), Helen Caines (phys), Andrew Miranker (MBB), Agnes Mocsy (phys), Katherine Schilling (IPCH)

Alumni in EdTech (have not been in contact recently, but worth trying):

  • Joe English, Cartwheel, school mental health
  • James Kim – Reach Capital, ed tech venture
  • Xan Tanner – Yale alum and co-founder of PanoramaEd
  • Aaron Feurer – Yale alum and co-founder of PanoramaEd
  • Max Ventilla – Yale alum, founder of altschool
  • Aaron Fuchs: Yale alum, founder of iXperience,
  • Caroline Van: Yale alum, founder of IvySpace
  • Miles Lasater – Yale alum and founder of Higher One, now CEO at Higher Ed startup
  • Brad Hargreaves – Yale alum and founder of General Assembly
  • Daniel Friedman – Yale alum and founder of Thinkful

Clubs, organizations, activities: CodeHaven, MathCounts, Be a VLA!, Dimensions, SheCode, DEMOS, Splash/Sprout, New Haven Counts

Campus Centers

  • Yale Entrepreneurial Institute
    • subscribe to their mailing list: internships, talks, prizes.”
    • look at their teams— most are looking for help.”
    • it’s easy to join the VCP program to get ~$1,000 for brand new ideas.”
    • go to office hours and get advice on ideas”
  • InnovateHealth Yale 
    • Talks, office hours, $25K Thorne Prize for social entrepreneurship projects focused on educational and health equity”
  • Center for Business and Environment
    • Program on environment and social entrepreneurshp professional skills workshops”

Student Groups

  • Net Impact – Yale College and SOM”
    • Consult for social impact businesses.”
  • Dwight Hall Tech
    • Help develop tech solutions for nonprofits”
  • Code4Good
    • Student group that works with various nonprofits and students to encourage technology careers that promote social good”

Field experience: CS50

EdTech Startups

  • Panorama Education – edTech startup doing school surveys, founded by Yale political science grad Aaron Feurer “
  • Newsela – News at any reading level for students.”
  • Duolingo – Learn any language for stories.”
  • Knewton – Personalized learning.”
  • Quill – EdTech nonprofit developing Common-Core aligned literacy tool.”


  • Code For America
  • Venture For America
  • 4.0 Schools
  • Yale Entrepreneurial Institute
  • Domestic Summer Award ($4000)
  • Onishi Fellowship ($3500)
  • Link, Richter, Stein (varies)
  • Ed Studies funding (last resort)


“Tip: don’t be afraid to ask about internships at companies without formal programs!”

Khan Academy – Contact Veena Advani (Yale student) at

ApprenNet – Contact Veena Advani (Yale student) at

EDC (Colin Hill ’19)

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Annie Chen ’19)

Girls Who Code (Juliana Viola ’21)

Education Analytics – Contact Carly Benson ’24 for more info at