Education Technology

Topic: Education technology, prepared by Phil Esterman and Veena Advani


must take

  • CPSC 100 (CS50) – Intro. to Computing – Brian Scaz”

for tech focus

  • CPSC 201 – Intro. to Computer Science – Dana Angluin”
  • CPSC 223 – Data Structures & Programming Techniques – Eisenstat”
  • CPSC 365 – Intro to Algorithms”



Alumni (be in touch w/Mira Debs for contact information)

  • Veena Advani (’18)
  • Annie Chen (19), Chan Zuckerberg Foundation
  • Fish Stark (’17), EverScouts – digital SEL programs for upper elementary students

Faculty and staff: Brian Scaz (Computer Science), Pat Devlin (math), Sarah Delmers (phys), Helen Caines (phys), Andrew Miranker (MBB), Agnes Mocsy (phys), Katherine Schilling (IPCH)

Community leaders:

Miles Lasater – Yale alum and founder of Higher One, now CEO at Higher Ed startup

Brad Hargreaves – Yale alum and founder of General Assembly

Daniel Friedman – Yale alum and founder of Thinkful

Alumni in EdTech (have not been in contact recently, but worth trying):

James Kim – Reach Capital, ed tech venture

Xan Tanner – Yale alum and co-founder of PanoramaEd

Aaron Feurer – Yale alum and co-founder of PanoramaEd

Max Ventilla – Yale alum, founder of altschool

Aaron Fuchs: Yale alum, founder of iXperience,

Caroline Van: Yale alum, founder of IvySpace

Clubs, organizations, activities: CodeHaven, MathCounts, Be a VLA!, Dimensions, SheCode, DEMOS, Splash/Sprout, New Haven Counts

Campus Centers

  • Yale Entrepreneurial Institute
    • subscribe to their mailing list: internships, talks, prizes.”
    • look at their teams— most are looking for help.”
    • it’s easy to join the VCP program to get ~$1,000 for brand new ideas.”
    • go to office hours and get advice on ideas”
  • InnovateHealth Yale 
    • Talks, office hours, $25K Thorne Prize for social entrepreneurship projects focused on educational and health equity”
  • Center for Business and Environment
    • Program on environment and social entrepreneurshp professional skills workshops”

Student Groups

  • Net Impact – Yale College and SOM”
    • Consult for social impact businesses.”
  • Dwight Hall Tech
    • Help develop tech solutions for nonprofits”
  • Code4Good
    • Student group that works with various nonprofits and students to encourage technology careers that promote social good”

Field experience: CS50

EdTech Startups

  • Panorama Education – edTech startup doing school surveys, founded by Yale political science grad Aaron Feurer “
  • Newsela – News at any reading level for students.”
  • Duolingo – Learn any language for stories.”
  • Knewton – Personalized learning.”
  • Quill – EdTech nonprofit developing Common-Core aligned literacy tool.”


  • Code For America
  • Venture For America
  • 4.0 Schools
  • Yale Entrepreneurial Institute
  • Domestic Summer Award ($4000)
  • Onishi Fellowship ($3500)
  • Link, Richter, Stein (varies)
  • Ed Studies funding (last resort)


“Tip: don’t be afraid to ask about internships at companies without formal programs!”

Khan Academy – Contact Veena Advani (Yale student) at

ApprenNet – Contact Veena Advani (Yale student) at

EDC (Colin Hill ’19)

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (Annie Chen ’19)

Girls Who Code (Juliana Viola ’21)

Education Analytics – Contact Carly Benson ’24 for more info at