Sex Education

last updated 2017

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  1. Sex and Gender and Society, Rene Ameling
  2. Religion and Sexuality, Katie Lofton
  3. Education & the Culture Wars, Talya Zemach-Bersin
  4. Contacts:


Faculty and staff:

  1. Melanie Boyd, Yale College
  2. Rene Ameling, Sociology
  3. Katie Lofton, Religion
  4. Community leaders:

Clubs, organizations, activities:

  1. Community Health Educators (CHE)
  2. Sexual Education and Literacy Forum

Field experience:

Communication and Consent Educators (CCE) (Katrina Garry 18, Billy Roberts 19)

Community Health Educators (CHE)



Post-grad opportunities: Yale Student Affairs Fellow, CCE Office

Past student theses:

Katrina Garry ’18 capstone on consent education

Liza Rodler, “Sex Education in New Haven: Putting the City in the Context of a Century-Long Debate”