Sociology of Education

Topic: Sociology and Education, prepared by Lucas Ricardi (17) and Caitlin Dermody (18)


  • Major: Sociology with Another Subject (Education)

    • This program of the major allows students to unite the study of sociology with the study of another discipline or substantive area. Many Education Studies scholars combine combine education studies courses with the foundational Sociology courses.
  • EDST 144/SOCY 144 Race, Ethnicity and Immigration. Grace Kao
  • SOCY 633 Sociology of Education (graduate seminar) Grace Kao
  • EDST162/SOCY 162a, Methods in Quantitative Sociology. Lloyd Grieger

  • EDST/SOCYChild Care, Society, & Public Policy. Jessica Sager & Janna Wagner


  • Students: Caitlin Dermody, Jessica Nelson

  • Faculty and Staff: Grace Kao, Mira Debs, Lloyd Grieger, Joscha Legewie, Rene Almeling, Eli Anderson

Clubs, organizations, activities:

  • Yale Center for Cultural Sociology

Field experience:

  • Ed Studies scholars interested in Sociology can apply their skills in a wide variety of experiences for field experience. One excellent way to gain experience in this field is to work with a researcher study the subject.


  • Brookings’ Brown Center on Education Policy Intern

    • Research position focusing on many sociological aspects of current education policy issues.


  • Onishi Fellowship (Funds all education internships, including early education.)

Post-grad opportunities:

  • Sociology and Education Program, Teacher’s College Columbia

  • Charles P. Howland Fellowship for Research