Arts, Media, and Education

*Updated June 2022

Topic: Arts, media, and education, prepared by Dan Rubins and Emma Hathaway and updated by Beatrice Maron Schaeffer


Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Offered in Previous Years

  • HIST 414: Poetry and Debates on the Value of Arts and Humanities (James Berger)
  • CSPC 330: Social Critical Thinking and Leadership Through the Arts (Ximena Benavides Reverditto)
  • CSJE 370: Progressive Art Education (Frederick Horstman)
  • MUSI 478: Music, Service, and Society (Sebastian Ruth)
    • Graduate school course
  • MUSI 565: Elements of Choral Technique (Jeffrey Douma)
    • Graduate school course
  • ART 916: Models of Art Education: Research Methods and Practices (Ayham Ghraowi)
    • Graduate school course

Alumni (Mira Debs will have contact information):

  • Jared Michaud (’19)
  • Sammy Grob (’20)
  • Dan Rubins (’16)
  • Emma Hathaway (’17)
  • Jane Strauch (’17)
  • Julia Carnes (’17)
  • Alison Levosky (’17)
  • Erin CoFrancesco (’16)
  • Fish Stark (’17), Everscouts – social emotional media content for upper elementary students

Community leaders:

  • Rubén Rodriguez
  • Stephanie Tubiolo
  • Rachel Glodo

Clubs, organizations, activities:

Field experience:


Volunteer Opportunities:


  • Marshall Bartholomew Summer Arts Fellowship — up to $6000
  • Field Experience Fellowship (Education Studies) — for Ed Studies Scholars; can be used for an unpaid internship in arts education
  • Craft your own: Contact the Public School Interns Program — each Public School Intern is the liaison to a New Haven Public School and may be able to match you with an appropriate way to bring your arts interest into a school (especially the Co-Op High School Arts & Humanities Afterschool Program)