Early Childhood Education

*Update in progress (6/2022)

Topic: Early childhood education / child development, prepared by Kate O’Brein and Fish Stark and updated by Sélah Reid and Beatrice Maron Schaeffer


Fall 2022

Spring 2023

Offered in Previous Terms

  • CHLD 126: Clinical Assessment of Young Children (Nancy Close)
  • CGSC 139: The Mental Lives of Babies and Animals (Karen Wynn)
  • EDST 328: Learning in the School-Age Child: Core Mechanisms (Kristi Lockhart)
  • CHLD 350: Autism and Related Disorders (Fred Volkmar)
  • EDST 150: Theory and Practice of Emotional Intelligence (Marc Brackett)
  • EDST 377: Psychopathy and the Family (Kristi Lockhart)


Students: Caitlin Dermody (’19), Diana Woodward (’19), Fish Stark, Cindy Xue, Rachel Han, Analia Del Bosque, Joseph Tomchak, Eva Landsberg, David McCullough, Natalie Rose Schwarz, Sélah Reid (’23)

Faculty and staff: Carla Horwitz, Nancy Close, Jessica Sager, Janna Wagner, Fred Volkmar, Eli Lebowitz (Yale Child Study Center, Anxiety and Mood Disorders Program)

Yale Child Study Center. Karen Wynn, Infant Cognition Lab. Walter Gilliam, Chin Reyes at the Edward Zigler Center. Kristi Lockhart, Cognition and Development Lab

Alumni: Fish Stark, Kate O’Brien, Natalie Rose Schwarz, Pablo Uribe (’17), Max Solotar (’20), Hannah Pearlman (’20), Fiona Riebeling (’18), Yale Alumni Educators facebook group

Community leaders:

Clubs, organizations, activities:

Field experience:

Term-Time Internships:

Summer Fellowships:

  • PPSF Fellowship (placements with All Our Kin, CT Voices for Children, local day care centers, and many others)
  • Onishi Fellowship (funds all education internships, including early education; $3,500)
  • SEA Summer Enrichment Award

Post-grad opportunities:

  • The Seedlings Teaching Fellowship (Calvin Hill Day Care Center, 1 year teaching early education)
  • Connecticut Voices for Children Fellowship (policy, 2 years)
  • All Our Kin (policy, practice, nonprofit admin/development, 1 year)