Education Policy

Topic: Education Policy, prepared by Jasper Tyan and Fish Stark


Fall 2023

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Students: Yaz Liow (’25), Ryan Sandler (’21), Emil Friedman (’20), Jack Lattimore (’20)

Faculty and staff:

Mira Debs, Education Studies

John De Stefano, Political Science

Jenna Wagner & Jessica Sager, All our Kin

Richard Lemons, Center for School Change

Community leaders: Jenna Wagner & Jessica Sager, All our Kin

Richard Lemons, Center for School Change

Clubs, organizations, activities:

  • Policy Center at ISPS
  • The Yale Policy Institute Education Center (Yaz Liow ’25)
  • Yale College Democrats sometimes do projects on college access/in-state tuition for dreamers/juvenile justice in the spring.
    • Legislative fellows can work to propose education policy in the fall and advocate for the passage of bills before the CGA in the spring. (Yaz Liow ’25)


  • Brookings Institution, Washington DC (Caitlin Dermody ’18 interned here)
  • Century Foundation, New York City (focus on early childhood and school integration)
  • Center for Education Reform (DC education policy advocacy nonprofit)
  • Center for American Progress (DC policy think tank – K-12 and Higher Education groups)
  • Learning Policy Institute (founded by Linda Darling-Hammond, in DC and Bay area)
  • Progressive Policy Institute
  • Democrats for Education Reform/Education Reform Now (Yaz Liow ’25)
  • National Coalition on School Diversity (Yaz Liow ’25)

US Department of Education, Office of Civil Rights (Tran Le ’19)

State Education Departments

  • New York State Education Department – Office of Bilingual Education and World Languages (Israel Tovar ’17, Jasper Tyan ’17, Tran Le ’19, Emil Friedman ’20, Odette Wang ’20, Michael Martinez ’21 )

City Education Departments

  • DC Public Schools Central Policy Office (Ben Wong ’19)


Class of 1960 John Heinz Government Service Fellowships

Post-grad opportunities: