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PNAS featured image

Our recent paper has been highlighted on the PNAS website!


Elena got featured in J Cell Biol

JCB has published an interview with Elena.  Now we know everything.

2015-06-22 Elena JCBArticle PDF

How to hibernate…

Our PNAS story on UCP1 in neurons makes it to the cover of the Yale Scientific magazine:

2015-05-16 Yale Scientific CoverRead the full piece here.

Ducks in the news!

Our story on mechanosensitivity in duck neurons is on the front page of the Smithsonian magazine, Science Daily,, Sciencecodex and more.2015-02-12 Press release duck imageWe thank to Dan Mirin and Laurel Hamers for writing about our work.

UPD: In Croatian.

UPD2: Ducks Fit the Bill for Touch Research

Are you feeling ducky, punk?..


The duck paper is on the cover of PNAS issue 41!


2014-10-14 PNAS  screenshot

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