The city sheep shearing

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“Three men shear four rams with human faces and long spiral horns. The first (left), still unshorn, has the bottle-nose and drink-blotched face of Curtis; a large bell hangs from his neck; he bleats B A A A A A A. His shearer says: Come along you Blubber–alias Bell Weather S’Blood what a Cur ’tis; in his pocket is a paper: Quintus Curtius. He is Quin, who took an active part against Flower. The second, Councillor Waithman (a draper), holds Flower, the Mayor, labelled The Flower of the Flock, who is almost shaved; he says: Egad I have Cut them preelly [sic] close; his shears, like those of Quin, are inscribed Vox Popula [sic]. The third, Alderman Harvey Combe, uses a comb. He holds Alderman Price and says to Waithman: Ne’er Wait man I have Combed them well–. Price says: N’o Blubber Sperm fetches the best Price. Beside him is another ram (Shaw), completely shorn and dejected; it says: Pshaw I can never Stand upright in the presence of a great Mon but always Keep Booing, booing [cf. British Museum Satires No. 11306].”–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Cruikshank, Isaac, 1764-1811, printmaker.
  • Title: The city sheep shearing [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Published by S.W. Fores, No. 50 Piccadilly, April 12th, 1809.

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Boggis and Clark hair dressers

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Text within banners surrounding central image, clockwise from upper right: Toupees; Wholesale & Retail; Cushion’s; Braids; Perfumery; Wigs

  • Title: Boggis and Clark hair dressers, No. 16, Ivey Lane, Newgate Street, London [graphic] / Terry sculp., Pater Noster Row.
  • Publication: [London] : [Boggis and Clark], [between 1770 and 1796]

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