A soft, clear & delicate skin. The celebrated abstergent lotion

printed page

  • Author: Solomon, Samuel, -approximately 1818.
  • Title: A soft, clear & delicate skin. The celebrated abstergent lotion, highly esteemed throughout Europe for the cure of scorbutic eruptions, coarseness, redness, pimples, &c. on the face, hands, and neck … is prepared by the inventor and sole proprietor, S. Solomon, M.D., Gilead-House, near Liverpool.
  • Publication: Liverpool [England] : Printed for Dr. Solomon, by J. Speed, &c. &c., [not before 1804]

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File 692 804So

Acquired July 2020

At the Academy, No. 8 Soho Square, London

trade card

  • Author: Soho Academy (London, England)
  • Title: At the Academy, No. 8 Soho Square, London, young gentlemen are bearded & taught the English, French, Latin & Greek languages, writing, arithmetic, geography, book-keeping, and the mathematics, at 2 guineas entrance & 28 guineas a year …
  • Publication: [London] : [Soho Academy], [approximately 1800]

Catalog Record

File 659 805 So682

Acquired May 2020

A catalogue of all the neat and genuine houshold furniture…

printed text

  • Author: Way and Son (Auctioneers)
  • Title: A catalogue of all the neat and genuine houshold [sic] furniture, china, linen, liquor, brewing utensils, fine horses, hay, carriages, and other valuable effects, at the Mansion-House at Swinbrook, near Burford, in Oxfordshire. Which will be sold by auction, by Mr. Way, and Son … on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday the 24th, 25th, and 26th of this instant June, 1772.
  • Publication: [Cirencester?] : [publisher not identified], [1772]

Catalog Record

125 W357 772

Acquired December 2020

Thomas Hewerdine, oil and colour-man

printed text

Includes a printed list of paints and oils, as well as other chandlery goods including preserved goods, grocery stores and other materials of use on board.


  • Title: Thomas Hewerdine, oil and colour-man, at the sign of the Colour-Grinder, the corner of Barnaby-Street, in Tooley Street, Southwark, London; Sells all sorts of colours ready prepared (at the lowest prices) for house or ship painting; that any gentlemen builders, &c. may set their servants to work, at an easy expence, by the help of a printed direction, he gives with his colours.
  • Publication: [Southwark, London] : [Thomas Hewerdine], [1765]

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File 66 765 T454

Acquired January 2021

Mrs. Edwards, Paragon, Black Heath

description below

Date based on the February 1813 lease to Mrs. Rebecca Edwards of No. 12 ‘The Paragon’ Blackheath, which appears to have been acquired to open her school for ladies.
Engraved throughout; with greek-key and hatchwork border.
Text continues with itemized price list for “The elements of astronomy and geography scientifically”, “Music”, “Drawing”, and “Writing”, followed by the statement “Latin, Greek and Italian by respectable masters”.


  • Title: Mrs. Edwards, Paragon, Black Heath. Ladies instructed in the useful attainments and elegant accomplishments. General tuition and French grammatically, forty five guineas per annum. Entrance three guineas …
  • Publication: [London] : [Mrs. Edwards], [1813]

Catalog Record

File 659 813 M939

Acquired May 2020

Hare & Co., designers and engravers

A decorative handbill or trade card, divided in three compartments, all framed in a neo-Gothic border. In the center framed by three Gothic arches the word “Mechanical” is etched below images of three machines including a steam powered tractor and printing press; etched below is an advertisement for the firm Hare & Co., located in the Strand, London.

  • Author: Hare & Co.
  • Title: Hare & Co., designers and engravers on wood, patent agents, printers, electrotypists. 31 Essex Strand, London, W.C [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [Hare & Co.], [ca. 1890]

Catalog Record

File 66 890 H274

Acquired September 2019

Thomas Martin, No. 44 Gracechurch Street

description belowA trade card for Thomas Martin, illustrated around the perimeter with tools of his trade including various kinds of knives and a fork, scissors, pocket books, belt buckles, and cocks. Also in three corners are images of a composer seated before type trays, a printer working at his press, and a weaver working his loom.

  • Creator: Martin, Thomas, active 1783-1795.
  • Title: Thomas Martin, No. 44 Gracechurch Street, London [graphic] : wholesale hardwareman, pocket book maker, printer & silk weaver … / Jones fecit, Crown Court near St. Anna Soho.
  • Publication: [London] : [Thomas Martin], [between 1783 and 1795?]

Catalog Record

File 66 783 M379

Acquired June 2019

Geo. Pulley Esqr., map & printseller at Rembrandt’s Head

description belowA medley print advertising the business of map and printseller George Pulley with portrait prints, caricatures, and satires overlaid on images of maps, some prints with identifiable titles (e.g. The contrast). According to the British Musuem online catalogue (September 2019) trade cards of the same design were used by Michael Jackson and Peter and Elizabeth Griffin.

  • Title: Geo. Pulley Esqr., map & printseller at Rembrandt’s Head in New Round Court, Strand, London [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : [Geo. Pulley], [mid-18th century]

Catalog Record

File 66 740 G347

Acquired June 2019

J. Southby, No. 8 Saville Place, Artist in fireworks

see description belowA trade card for a deal in naval equipment and fireworks decorated wtih various kinds of fireworks including Catherine wheels, flares or firecrackers, signal lights, quadrants, and other tools for sailors.

  • Title :J. Southby, No. 8 Saville Place, Lambeth Walk. Artist in fireworks, to the King’s patent & minor theatres [graphic] : The Royal Vauxhall Gardens. Crimson fire and every description of fireworks for exhibition or private amusement.
  • Publication :[London] : [J. Southey], [ca. 1800?]

Catalog Record 

File 66 800 J99

Acquired June 2019