Portraits and players

2 engraved portraits, one woman and two men

Two volumes of engraved portraits of notable, mostly British, statesmen, academics, churchmen, authors, and actors taken from 18th- and 19th-century publications. Many of the portraits have been carefully trimmed around the figure, with the title mount below and the page annotated with the birth and death dates of the subject. Others have been trimmed carefully to remove the background but preserve the frames. The arrangement of volume one with the spine label “Portraits” is unclear: the first portraits are removed and missing (although some laid in prints may have been removed from their mounts) and some volumes leaves have been cut out, but the first of the surviving approximately 90 portraits is of Robert South S.T.P. by George Vertue (publisher in 1715 by Jonah Bowyer) followed by a portrait of John Tillotson Dean of Canterbury and Archibishop and James Bradley D.D. third astronomer royal (1692– 1762) and then Mrs. Griffith, Mrs. Charlotte Smith, John Bigland (schoolmaster turned author), Richard Chenevix Bishop of Waterford (1698-1779) and other 18th-century figures Included are portraits of Samuel Johnson, David Garrick, Mrs. Oldfield, Mrs. Lessingham, Mrs. Davenport, Madame Mara, Benjamin Franklin, Edmund Burke, and Lord Byron as well as other notable authors and playwrights. Toward the end is a portrait of Joseph Vernet (à la poupée); Grose the antiquarian and a vignette of an artist with a book “Sketches from nature”. The second volume with the spine label “Players” begins with a newspaper clipping “Anecdote of Garrick in the character of Lear” followed by pages from which prints have been removed but the volume contains approximately 50 prints (some with color) of the men and women of the London stage in the 18th and early 19th centuries, mostly in character.

  • Creator: Bailly, R. C., collector.
  • Title: [Portraits and players] [graphic].
  • Production: [England], [not after 1810?]

Catalog Record

724 810B

Acquired September 2021

Album of etchings by the Ingram sisters

blue book cover

A volume of etchings by three daughters of art collector John Ingram (1767-1841) of Staindrop Hall in County Durham: Elizabeth Christian Ingram (born 1795), Caroline Ingram (1800-1819), and Augusta Isabella Ingram (born 1802). The family lived in Venice and took instruction from Venetian etcher Francesco Novelli. Most of the prints bear the monogram of one of the Ingram sisters and are dated 1816 -1821. The works include images after Rembrandt, Ostade, Pietro Novelli, and other artists, Continental views, views of Hartlepool and Newcastle, and a vignette after Bewick. Also included is an image signed “IG’ and dated 1824.

  • Title: [Album of etchings by the Ingram sisters] [graphic].
  • Production: [Italy and London], [1816-1824]

Catalog Record

75 In54 816b

Acquired October 2021

Album of watercolors of the countryside around Weston Sands House

description below

An album of watercolors assembled by the gentleman farmer and amateur artist John Tomes showing views of his manor house Weston Sands House and the surrounding countryside. Tomes recorded his estate from many angles and in all seasons as well as picturesque spots in the neighbouring countryside, including several views of the River Avon which bordered his estate. Also included are a series of watercolors taken on a trip to the Isle of Wight. There is also a view of Windsor Castle (?) across the Thames and many watercolors of medieval ruins, abbeys, and castles. Tomes also copied a number of Turner prints from the ‘Liber Studiorum’ (published 1807-1819) and his ‘Picturesque views on the Southern Coast’ (published 1814-1826).

  • Artist: Tomes, John, 1791-1863, artist.
  • Title: [Album of watercolors of the countryside around Weston Sands House] [art original].
  • Production: [Warwickshire, England], [ca. 1818-1850]

Catalog Record

Folio 75 T656 818

Acquired April 2021

[Album of etchings by the Ingram sisters]

alt = Album of  etchings. Detailed description below.”

A volume of etchings by three daughters of art collector John Ingram 1767-1841) of Staindrop Hall in County Durham — Elizabeth Christian Ingram (1795-), Caroline Ingram (1800-1819), and Augusta Isabella Ingram (1802-) — who were living in Venice and took instruction from Venetian etcher Francesco Novellli whose own etchings were in manner of Rembrandt and whose influence can be seen in the sisters’ etchings. The style of the various impressions are very similar and were apparently made within a fairly short period if the dated prints are any indication, all bearing the date 1816 with some of the prints bound in first dated February 1816 and then March 1816. This dating seems to be confirmed by a contemporary inscription on the front free endpaper: “These are the works of the Miss Ingrams’ from their first lesson, 18…” Only five of the prints are unsigned; several impressions are in two or more states, using brown and black inks and various stocks of paper, a few bearing a British watermark and date of 1814. Some of the prints have been mounted, but most have been printed directly on contiguous leaves forming the signatures of the volume.

  • Title: [Album of etchings by the Ingram sisters] [graphic].
  • Created: [Italy], [1816]

Catalog Record 

Quarto 75 In54 816

Acquired December 2018

Folio album of 144 caricatures

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Note on front pastedown: This book contains the caricatures published by Sayers during his life. This was his own copy and was presented to me after his death. [Signed] Eldon.
With his bookplate.
Bequethed by James Sayers to his sister and later given to Lord Eldon. Purchased at auction June 2012 with Lord Eldon’s notebook.
Accompanied by Lord Eldon’s notebook (LWL Mss Vol. 202) in which he comments on the caricatures.

  • Creator: Sayers, James, 1748-1823, printmaker.
  • Title: Folio album of 144 caricatures [graphic].
  • Published: [London, between 1782 and 1810]

Catalog record

Folio 75 Sa85 810

Acquired July 2012