The history and antiquities of the county of Essex

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Extra-illustrated and expanded to 5 volumes, each volume with an added printed title page dated 1908 and bound in early 20th-century red crushed levant full morocco gilt

  • Author: Morant, Philip, 1700-1770.
  • Title: The history and antiquities of the county of Essex : compiled from the best and most ancient historians, from Domesday-book, Inquisitiones post mortem, and other the most valuable records and mss. &c. / the whole digested, improved, perfected, and brought down to the present time, by Philip Morant ; illustrated with copper plates.
  • Published: London : Printed for T. Osborne …, J. Whiston …, S. Baker …, L. Davis and C. Reymers … and B. White …, 1768.

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Folio 64 Es75 768

Acquired September 2023

Holyrood Chapel

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Interior view of the ruins of Holyrood Abbey, looking down the nave towards a wall with two arched windows. The building is mostly intact but without a roof; a broken column is seen in the center foreground. Figures with torches stand beneath the windows and additional figures are visible through an arched passageway on the right. The moon in the sky above is illuminated when the print is viewed in front of a strong light.


  • Title: Holyrood Chapel [graphic].
  • Publication: [London] : Published by Reeves and Sons, Cheapside; W. Morgan, 64, Hatton Garden; T. Fisher, 1, Hanway Street, Oxford Street; J. Reynolds, 174, Strand; and W. Wilson, Jun., 16, King William Street, City, [approximately 1840]

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Acquired October 2022

Album of watercolors of the countryside around Weston Sands House

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An album of watercolors assembled by the gentleman farmer and amateur artist John Tomes showing views of his manor house Weston Sands House and the surrounding countryside. Tomes recorded his estate from many angles and in all seasons as well as picturesque spots in the neighbouring countryside, including several views of the River Avon which bordered his estate. Also included are a series of watercolors taken on a trip to the Isle of Wight. There is also a view of Windsor Castle (?) across the Thames and many watercolors of medieval ruins, abbeys, and castles. Tomes also copied a number of Turner prints from the ‘Liber Studiorum’ (published 1807-1819) and his ‘Picturesque views on the Southern Coast’ (published 1814-1826).

  • Artist: Tomes, John, 1791-1863, artist.
  • Title: [Album of watercolors of the countryside around Weston Sands House] [art original].
  • Production: [Warwickshire, England], [ca. 1818-1850]

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Folio 75 T656 818

Acquired April 2021

An exact view of London Bridge

see description belowA broadside on London Bridge and its partial destruction by fire on 11 April 1758, with an account on the history of bridges on the site and an engraving of the view of London and the River Thames, with the remains of London Bridge in the centre above; engraved title above and letterpress title and text in two columns below.

  • Title: An exact view of London Bridge since the conflagration of the late temporary bridge.
  • Publication: [London] : Sold by William Herbert, under the Piazzas, on the remains of London-Bridge, [ca. 1758]

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Acquired June 2019

A new deceptio visûs

lwlpr32193 (849x1024)

A medley of images with a portrait of John Gay; half length, to the right, wearing a cap and plain jacket; in oval; in a medley of prints, set on background of a letter; the prints titled ‘The Spell’, ‘The Judgement’, and ‘Bumkinet’s Advice’; two further panels, one with a coin of George II, the other lettered ‘A new Deceptio Visus. Engrav’d and sold by Geo. Bickham, in London’ [part of address erased].

  • PrintmakerBickham, George, 1684?-1758?, printmaker, publisher.
  • TitleA new deceptio visûs [graphic] / engrav’d and sold by Geo. Bickham in Hatton Garden, near Holborn, London.
  • Published[London : Geo. Bickham], ca. 1728]

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Acquired December 2014