The green bag, it’s contents & all it’s appendages

The green bag. Detailed description below.

“A hand, ‘Manus Populi’, extends into the design from the upper margin, holding a chain from which hangs a pair of scales. On one (right), close to the ground, sits the Queen, hands crossed on her breast, saying: “My innocence will support me & my Country will protect me– 10 Great Men against one unprotected Woman are fearful odds.” The other scale, high in the air, is completely filled by a green bag, see British Museum Satires No. 13735, from the mouth of which emerges the head of George IV, crowned. Attached to the beam, by a rope round his neck, hangs a military officer, holding a huge key; as a makeweight he dangles vainly against the left side of the King’s bag. Three men standing below pull at the scale, trying to drag it down: they are Sidmouth (left), a judge in back view (? Leach), and Castlereagh (right), who says: “We cannot do it, and I told you so at first, & if she opens her bagwe shall be stifled all of us.” The King looks down at them with a distressed expression, saying: “Pull you lubbers.””–British Museum online catalogue.

  • Printmaker: Heeston, active 1820, printmaker.
  • Title: The green bag, it’s contents & all it’s appendages are insufficient to turn the scale of public opinion [graphic] / Heeston fect.
  • Publication: London : Pubd. by S.W. Fores, 41 Piccadilly, July 11, 1820.

Catalog Record 


Acquired April 2019

The Impenetrable Secret: a game

A set of cards with moral maxims printed on fronts and backs in black and red ink: e.g., “Poverty is the fruit of idleness, Small griefs are loud, great ones still …”

  • Title:[The Impenetrable Secret: a game, played with ten cards, each bearing a series of proverbs printed on both sides: invented by Horace Walpole, Earl of Orford.].
  • Published/Created:[Strawberry Hill], [1780?]

Catalog Record

496 2401

Acquired April 2019

To the independent freeholders of the county of Hants

An advertisement for Sir William Heathcote and William Chute in the Hampshire election of 1790.

  • AuthorLover of consistency and peace.
  • TitleTo the independent freeholders of the county of Hants. : How are the mighty fallen!!! …
  • Published[Southampton? : Publisher not identified, 1790].

Catalog Record 

File 63 790 L911+

Acquired October 2017

A catalogue of that truly superb, and well-known collection of pictures

  • AuthorDesenfans, Noel Joseph, 1745-1807
  • TitleA catalogue of that truly superb, and well-known collection of pictures, of the Roman, Venetian, Spanish, French, Flemish, Dutch and English schools; the intire and genuine property of Monsieur Desenfans. … The whole will be sold on Saturday, April 8, 1786 … by private contract, by a committee appointed by Mons. Desenfans …
  • Published[London] : [publisher not identified], [1786]

Catalog Record

125 D451 786

Acquired December 2016

Sancho’s feast

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Sancho sits beside his physician Pedro Rezzio who stays his hand that is posed with a fork full of meat. Two platters have already been placed on the table, and two more (one with a rabbit and the other with clams) are brought to the table by two young servant boys. On the right two ladies stand behind Sancho’s chair, one pointing to him. On the left a larger group of men, one woman, and a black man laugh at the scene around the table. In the upper left on a balcony, three musicians play for the guests below. From the lower right, a dog looks at a platter of food. A reversed copy of the original engraving by Hogarth.

  • Printmaker: Lewis, Frederick Christian, 1779-1856, printmaker.
  • Title: Sancho’s feast [graphic] / drawn by W. Hogarth ; engraved by F.C. Lewis 1830.
  • Edition: [Open-letter proof].
  • Published: London : Published for the proprietor by Messrs. Colnaghi, Son & Co. Jany. 15, 1830.

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Hogarth 830.01.15.01+

Acquired April 2013

2010 in review

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