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Findit Digital Collections now in Quicksearch

The Quicksearch Implementation team  and Library IT are happy to announce that collections from the Findit digital repository are now available in Quicksearch!

You can view digital collections in Quicksearch by going to the library front door at http://web.library.yale.edu, or directly to the Quicksearch main page at http://search.library.yale.edu, and searching for a term like “Andy Warhol”.

Three result bento boxes now display, Books+, Articles+, and Digital Collections:


Clicking on the “See xxx results” link in the bento box, or the “Digital Collections” facet in the left hand menu, will bring you to the full Digital Collections page.  The Digital Collections page provides facets that match the facet functionality in Findit.


A few other additions and bug fixes were added in this Quicksearch update:

  • Serial fields like Summary Holdings, Indexes, and Supplements now display using an accordion, in order to streamline users’ initial view of holdings.
  • MARC tag label definitions that were causing duplicate displays have been cleaned up
  • Additional functionality to manage large amounts of traffic from a single source has been added

My thanks go to the User Experience Advisory Committee, Findit stakeholders, and the Beinecke User Experience group for their testing and feedback.

We welcome your comments and feedback (https://yalesurvey.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_ePRYbhHrT3D2eEd )

Kalee Sprague, on behalf of the Quicksearch Implementation Team and those involved in this project:

Osman Din, Jason Eiseman,  Mike Friscia, Eric James, Yue Ji, Tracy MacMath, Youn Noh, Jenn Nolte, George Ouellette, Lakeisha Robinson, Bob Rice