Release Notes

Release 9.0


All-team, one year effort to upgrade to Blacklight 6.7, Ruby 2.3.1, Rails 4.2, and Passenger 5.

Includes three major new features:

  • Advanced Search
  • Databases A-Z list
  • HathiTrust links

Plus numerous other small features, layout improvements, and bug fixes.

There were a total of 1,732 commits over the course of the year, modifying 1,257 files.

Release 8.2

  • Add code to support new cental ITS authorization service.
  • Add ability to request Arts and Music special collections materials
  • Enable Scan and Deliver service for Babylonian Collection
  • Add Terms of User link to footer

Release 8.1

  • Fix bug stripping first two letters from Law Call Numbers
  • Included link to new Articles+ native interface
  • Added ability to request East Asian materials through Aeon
  • Completed special collections request to display the MARC 561 field with label ‘Provenance’
  • Changed label of ‘Acquired on’ to ‘Added to Catalog’

Release 8.0

  • Add new bento box with Digital Collections from the Yale University Library Findit digital repository!
  • Add accordion display for Summary Holdings, Indexes, etc. in large serial holdings
  • Fix bug that caused duplicate content in MARC tags
08/15/2016 patch
  • Added MARC 561 field to the individual record display, with the label ‘Provenance’
  • Changed the ‘Acquired on’ label to ‘Added to Catalog’
  • Background for facet modal is now solid, instead of transparent

Release 7.0

  • Add ability to place Orbis, Morris, Scan and Deliver, and Aeon requests directly from the within Quicksearch
  • Update branding for production roll-out
  • Fix problem with some Google book covers not matching
  • Misc. fixes to improve accessibility of interface
  • Add elements for backend system health checks

Release 6.0



  • Add display of Provenance and holdings Notes to the holdings area.  These are especially helpful for special collections.
  • Modify indexing code to include a new ‘Subject (Local Yale)’ facet, plus numerous field and subfield changes to other indexes in order to make discovery and faceting clearer
  • Suppress local holdings notes from displaying in the main body of the individual record display.
  • format mapping changes to support better differentiation of special collections

Release 5.0

  • Law Library holdings now show whether they are ‘available’ or ‘checked out’ in result lists in Quicksearch and Books+
  • Law Library holdings display in individual Title pages, showing the current location, call number, and status of each copy.
  • New holdings layout design to make holdings information easier to read and understand
  • The drop-down menu in the mobile navigation bar is now fixed
  • Holdings have now moved to the bottom of the mobile record display
  • Instagram is now available via a link in the Quicksearch footer

Release 4.0


  • Updated MARC extract program to create Acquisitions Date for all records, pull 856 fields from the holdings record, and identify data for new ‘Resources at Yale’ facet.
  • Add 69x local subject fields to Subject index
  • Open all links in interface in new tab
  • Fix Google Books bug that sometimes caused the incorrect book cover to display
  • Fix incorrect hover covers in various places
  • Fix printing problems in some browsers
  • Fixed duplicate fields displaying in interface
  • Update format mapping and labels for two formats – “Archives or Manuscripts” and “Dissertations & Theses”
  • Update language map to support basic ISO 693-2 language mapping
  • Added Language field to all item view templates


  • The  Books+ search page was updated to include the full list of formats that can be searched
  • Google Analytics Universal and Google Tag Manager code was added for better  tracking of user behavior in Quicksearch
  • Custom Dimensions were added for tracking locations and call numbers


  • The Journal Title search is fixed in Books+
  • An email option is now available from the single item view
  • The News section on the Quicksearch page has been temporarily suppressed for a re-design

Release 3.0

  • Update Internal Server error page to use new header and footer, include links to help
  • Display thumbnail images in results screen
  • Display links to Online materials in results screen
  • Add Display Fields and labels for all format types
  • Misc page layout issues
  • Modify solrconfig.xml to generate more accurate search results, particularly with journals
  • Modify solrconfig.xml to greatly enhance response time
Update 2/3/2015
  • Modified the Articles landing page with changes requested by RIO
  • Change ‘Catalogs’ and ‘Articles’ to ‘Books+’ and ‘Articles+’ in line with usability findings
  • Correct Layout and Linking issues
Update 2/12/2015
  • Enhance datasource navigation highlighting to make more obvious
  • Add search tips to Books+ landing page
  • Remove link to old Digital Collection cross search on Quicksearch landing page
  • Replace ‘add to homescreen’ icon for Apple devices
  • Enable author re-direct links
  • Add missing display fields
  • Fix bottom padding of yale university logo
  • Fix link to Books+ in item view page so goes to Books+ landing page instead of Quicksearch landing page

Release 2.0

  • Changed Law records single item view to point to Morris
  • Update ingest documentation
  • Add CAS login along with bookbag functionality!
  • Fix bug in Morris link so it points to Morris
  • Point Request link to full Orbis record so Aeon and Scan requests aren’t lost
  • Display ‘Selected Items’ drop-down on search results page, so can select multiple results for saving to bookbag, emailing, etc.
  • Add new item status glyphs for use in Saved Lists
  • Solved problem with Articles+ search not pre-limiting to Yale-only holdings. (This caused more user confusion than any other issue)!
Update 11/25/2015
  • Create Yale version of the voyager_api gem used for connecting to Orbis for item status information
  • Modify item status detail for status patrons in the Yale voyager_api repository.
  • Fix color style for ‘x’ unavailable on item page as part of overall item page status display fix.
  • Update News section on Quicksearch front door, remove ‘NEW’ from New Arrivals page

Release 1.0

  • Manuscript Music and Maps now have two formats assigned on load – Mansucript and Music or Manuscript and Map
  • All formats with ‘/’ now have a ‘&’ to reduce user confusion on results page
  • Create new ‘Databases’ format on load, develop item view mapping and new icon
  • Suppress Advanced search due to serious bug
  • Bring ‘Google Preview’ button down to size
  • Add color to ‘available’ and ‘checked out’ icons to make visual meaning more clear
  • Summary no longer appears twice in Video format
  • Highlight new Boolean and/or/not options in Interface facets
  • Fix responsive design issues in Footer (still in test)
  • Re-instate original height of footer. Needed to accommodate Firefox display issue
  • Fix links to Morris on Quicksearch and Catalog home pages
  • Delete old format view mappings now that new are confirmed
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