Quicksearch Update November 2015

The Quicksearch implementation team has been busy this fall with two major projects.

The first project was to improve the indexing of Morris and Orbis records. Work began with the Books+ Search Analysis Working Group, a broad-based team of technical services stakeholders, led by Quicksearch team member Arcadia Falcone.  The group wrote a recommendation document highlighting changes to searching, faceting, and sorting in Quicksearch.  The changes were then reviewed by the Cataloging Coordinating Committee and the User Experience Advisory Committee.  The approved recommendations were then implemented by Quicksearch team members in a series of code updates and a full extract and re-load of over 10.3 million Morris and Orbis records.  A new Subject (Local Yale) facet is just one of the recommended changes now available in Quicksearch.  A few recommended changes related to facet and sort labels are still in progress and will be available in production Quicksearch within the next week.

This fall the team has also been busy improving the layout, design, and content of holdings in the Quicksearch single item view.  A new streamlined design was introduced to Quicksearch earlier in the fall, with improved indentation designed to make it easier to see individual holdings for items with numerous holdings statements.  Holdings notes relating to the Provenance and description of individual special collections items were also added to the holdings display.  Finally, the mobile view of holdings has been revised, and is continuing to undergo review.

Currently on the development front – the team has now embarked on the project to implement Aeon and Scan and Deliver requests in Quicksearch.  In addition to adding new request types, we will re-design the request links in the item view, making the options to request from Orbis, Morris, Scan and Deliver or Aeon, easier to find and use for our patrons.  We hope to make all of these request types available in time for our January roll-out of Quicksearch.

Quicksearch full reload statistics

During the last week of October, Quicksearch was refreshed with a complete reload of records from Orbis and Morris, and a new indexing configuration was implemented. Following the reload, a complete audit of the Solr index identified any records that were not correctly transferred to or deleted from Quicksearch.


9,843,283 records extracted
9,841,924 records initially loaded
343 ingest errors for correction (a significant drop since the last reload, thanks to the ongoing efforts of CMS and other technical services staff)
Remaining difference re-extracted


499,410 records extracted
498,941 records initially loaded
Remaining difference re-extracted

Quicksearch Ingest Activity for October

Data is through October 26th, after which the daily ingest was put on hold for a full reload of records into Quicksearch from Orbis and Morris.


122,633 records updated or added
1,348 records deleted
68 ingest errors


8,370 records updated or added
156 records deleted
106 ingest errors

Changes to records from Orbis and Morris are transferred to Quicksearch daily. Errors preventing ingest are usually an empty subfield or empty delimiter.