How Quicksearch Assigns Format Facet Terms to Records

Quicksearch handles formats, such as “Books” or “Audio,” in a modular, layerable structure that is very different from Orbis. For example, manuscript maps are not treated as a separate format from print maps or other manuscript materials, but rather have both the “Archives or Manuscripts” and “Maps & GIS” formats assigned, and can be accessed through either facet or a combination of the two. During the record ingest process, a script analyzes the MARC data to determine which format terms to apply to the record, according to conditions described in the format mapping documentation linked below. This mapping was developed in collaboration between the Quicksearch Implementation Group and the Discovery & Systems Metadata Group, drawing upon MARC documentation, local practices, metadata analysis, and Yufind discussions. It continues to be refined as Quicksearch develops.

Quicksearch MARC Format Mapping Documentation