About this Blog

The purpose of this blog is to communicate information and announcements about the Library’s Quicksearch Project. Each post will be contributed by a member of the Quicksearch Project Team.

The team members are:

Kalee Sprague (Project Manager), Library IT
Lakeisha Robinson (Technical Lead), Library IT
Katie Bauer,  Library IT
Steve DiSorbo,  Library IT
Arcadia Falcone, Cataloging and Metadata Services
Mike Friscia, Library IT
Yue Ji, Library IT
Scott Matheson, Law Library
Jenn Nolte, Library IT
Bob Rice, Library IT

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3 thoughts on “About this Blog”

  1. Hi! I’m looking at this blog post, and it looks pretty good. I’m sending specific comments via e-mail to Jenn Nolte. Or should I have left them here?

  2. It’s great to leave comments here on the blog if you think other folks might be interested – like “here’s a great test search that shows x.”

    For specific feedback about the system (good or bad), please use the feedback link in the left column (http://libraryunifiedsearch.commons.yale.edu/feedback/) so that we can capture all results from your testing and be sure issues are tracked and addressed appropriately.

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