Quicksearch Update April 2015

Several new features and bug fixes are being rolled out in the first two weeks of April.

First, we are doing a full extract and re-load of all Orbis and Morris, in order to take advantage of several changes we have made in response to user Feedback.  To highlight a few:

  • All records will now have an Acquisitions Date, so sorting by Aquistions Date will make more sense when sorting by ‘Acquired earliest’
  • URL Links stored in the MFHD are now extracted and will appear in the holdings section of the item view.
  • We updated the format mappings and labels for two formats – “Archives or Manuscripts” and “Dissertations & Theses”.  For more information about format mapping changes, see: How Quicksearch Assigns Format Facet Terms
  • We updated language mapping to add ISO 693-2 codes
  • We added 69x local subject fields to the Subject Index
  • We fixed the Google Books bug that sometimes caused the incorrect book cover to display

For a full list of bugs fixed in the April update, see the Quicksearch 4.0 Release Notes.