Zoom Cues YUL

After the completion of YUL’s thorough desktop video conferencing pilot project this past spring, Zoom was the clear choice. As a result,  YUL’ s Zoom license went live on June 19th and pilot participants were automatically transferred over to the new YUL license.

Library IT plans to roll out the necessary equipment, headsets and webcams, for staff members using Zoom, in a phased approach. Working with Supervisors, Library IT plans to identify the first wave of staff members to receive the service and required equipment. These staff members have a demonstrated need for Zoom for their daily business activities. Those staff members not receiving equipment in this first phase will receive it at later date this coming fall.

Zoom Equipment
Possible headset choices available to staff

Library IT’s Support Technician, Reon Keller,  held  “Show and Tell” events for staff to become familiar with the three options available for headsets.  Library IT is also working to identify whether your workstation is already equipped with a camera as well as staff with a preexisting Zoom account. Though the Zoom application and plugins can be installed by user, LIT will work with ITS to schedule a push of the Zoom application to all YUL staff workstations. This will ensure all YUL workstation are configured to readily launch Zoom for all YUL staff.

The Zoom Rollout is expected to be completed by mid-fall, with some services available sooner for staff who already have equipment in place. If you have any questions about Zoom and its implementation please feel free to reach out to Beatrice Richardson at Beatrice.Richardson@Yale.edu or Cindy Greenspun at Cindy.Greenspun@Yale.edu.

Desktop Video Conferencing

Last year, a pilot project was conducted to evaluate desktop video conferencing solutions for YUL.  The pilot has been completed and based on the selection criteria and the experiences of pilot participants, Zoom Video Conferencing is the clear choice.  For those of you who participated in the pilot project, thank you.  Thanks also to Beatrice Richardson for leading the pilot and Library IT staff for providing support.

A project to implement Zoom for desktop video conferencing on YUL staff computers has been initiated. Library IT will soon acquire licenses and configure Zoom Video Conferencing services.  In the coming months equipment will be provided as needed (camera & headsets) for staff computers.  The project is expected to be completed by mid-fall, with some services available sooner for staff who already have equipment in place.

While the Zoom license may also be used in some conference rooms and streaming scenarios, there are other Library IT initiatives underway to identify solutions for lecture-capture and connected conference rooms.  Equipment for conference rooms and lecture halls will be outside the scope of this project focused on the deployment Zoom for desktop video conferencing.

From the entire Library IT team, we wholeheartedly thank everyone who participated in the pilot.  A summary report from the pilot is here: https://collaborate.library.yale.edu/librarian/Shared%20Documents/Library%20IT/2017_05_26_VCFinalReport.pdf

If you have any further questions about the pilot, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Beatrice or Dale.

Video Conferencing pilot at Yale University Library

Women using headset and webcam
Women using headset and webcam – via LogiTech blog (http://blog.logitech.com/)
Library IT seeks to provide a desktop video conferencing solution to help support those who are in distant and disparate locations and need to meet and collaborate. This is a unique opportunity for Library staff to help shape and inform Library IT’s selection and configuration of what will be Library’s video conferencing service.
Library IT will conduct preliminary evaluations of 4 video conferencing utilities:
  • Zoom
  • BlueJeans
  • Adobe Connect
  • Skype for Business
We are seeking volunteers who will provide feedback to inform our final decision. Volunteers will answer survey questions that will measure ease of use, reliability, integration into the YUL computing culture, and network feasibility for each solution.
Volunteers will receive a web cam, a headset and training for each of the video conferencing utilities. We are ready to invite 100 volunteers to help conduct the evaluations.  Volunteers will be asked to commit the following:
  • Volunteers must commit to conducting or participating in 3 to 4 video conferencing events per week.
  • Volunteers must commit to completing a brief survey after each video conferencing event.
How long will the pilot be conducted? 
The pilot will last 4 months, one month evaluation for each video conferencing utility.

Can all members of existing or new groups and/or committees participate? 
Yes, priority will be given to staff whose groups and/or committees would like to participate.  We strongly encourage groups such as these to participate in this pilot!
To volunteer, please fill out the Video Conferencing Volunteer Form.
We thank you in advance for your time and participation in this valuable pilot phase of video conferencing at YUL!

LIT and partners Tech Talk | Wednesday July 20th 2016

On Wednesday July 20th, from 3pm-4pm in Bass L01, join Library IT and partners in our monthly discussion of tech-related projects around the Library and beyond.

Our agenda includes:

  • Avalon for Music Library (Cindy Greenspun and Jonathan Manton)
  • Desktop video conferencing pilot (Beatrice Richardson)
  • Quicksearch enhancements, integrations, upgrades (Kalee Sprague)
  • LIT service overview documentation (Ray Frohlich)

For those who cannot join us in person, the session will be streamed via Adobe Connect:

http://greet.yale.edu/littechtalk/ [sign in as a guest]

Slides and recordings of the Tech Talk sessions will be archived in https://yale.box.com/LITTechTalkArchives 

See you there!

Library IT to Update SML 315 with New Hardware

Library IT’s Workstation & Technology Services group has upgraded the hardware in conference room 315 in Sterling Memorial Library.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.55.52 AM

LIT staff installed an 80 inch monitor and will install a Logitech HD Pro C920 webcam with speakers, similar to what is already in use in SML 511.

After the camera upgrade, SML 315 will be better equipped for video conferencing. The upgrade replaced the projector in the room and will be completely finished by March 1st.

The upgrade to the new monitor and computer is in the room and available for use via Jason Helms.

For questions about the upgrades to SML 315 or other conference rooms in Sterling, please contact Frederick Rodriguez or Reon Keller.

Adobe Connect testing final phase

In partial response to some library departments’ relocation to 344 Winchester, Jenn Nolte and Reon Keller from Library IT are began testing the Adobe Connect video conferencing and collaboration service in Library-operated conference rooms around campus this October. Library IT is also simultaneously testing Microsoft’s Lync service, which is a chatting, phone and video conferencing service.  See original post on this project here.

Testing has been completed for all targeted library conference rooms, including:

  • Lewis Walpole
  • Sterling 315, 332, 409 and 511
  • BRBL
  • CSSSI,
  • Medical
  • Divinity

Some of the equipment in these rooms may be upgraded eventually to optimize performance, but most are adequately equipped for use of Adobe Connect and/or Microsoft Lync. Cindy Greenspun recently pointed out the closed-captioning feature in Adobe Connect, which we will test in the coming month.

In Spring 2014, look for some web pages with set up information, video conferencing etiquette, best practices and a list of video conference enabled rooms. Library IT will also be conducting training on how to use Adobe Connect as well.

For questions, please contact reon.keller@yale.edu or jennifer.nolte@yale.edu