Passwords Inadvertently Convert Zoom Accounts

There have been a few YUL staff members who have had their Yale Library Zoom Account converted into a Yale University Zoom account inadvertently. Library IT has discovered the source of the conversion — using your NetId password in the Yale Library Zoom Login. You should have a Zoom account password that differs from your Yale NetId. It is easy to enter your NetId password into the Zoom login out of habit.

To confirm your Yale Library Zoom account hasn’t been converted to a Yale University Zoom account, log in to   After logging in, select “Profile” from the menu on the left, check your Account No. If the number is not Account No. 195330 then your account has been converted, see Figure 1.  If you are unable to successfully log into, you either do not have an account or your account has been converted into a Yale University Zoom account.

Figure1: Zoom Account Profile screen to ensure you are affiliated with the Yale University Library.

There are two issues that occur when an account is converted to a Yale University Zoom account.

  • Users lose access to previous recordings and scheduled meetings.
  • Meeting invitation links users have sent out prior to being converted will no longer be valid. The scheduled meetings links have the account type in its URL. For example, a link from a Yale University Library Zoom account will have the following path:

Whereas an invitation link from the Yale Zoom account will have this path:


How do I prevent this?

  • Ensure that your NetId and Yale Library Zoom account passwords are different.
  • Pay close attention to the password you use to log into your Yale Library Zoom account to prevent accidentally using your NetId password.
  • Always be sure to use when logging in on the web.


How do I get help?

If you have any questions or have discovered your account has been converted send an email to You can also open a ticket at the Library IT website.

Tech Tips: Spotlight on ZOOM

Welcome back and Happy New Year! We have a new column, we will be starting this month called “Tech Tips.” In this column we highlight a new feature or user tip for the enterprise-wide solutions Library IT supports. We start this column off with featuring a Zoom tip — How do I Spotlight a Speaker.

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News from Library IT

Library IT has two service updates rolling out this September!

New Quicksearch Features

Wednesday, September 6 we will begin the rollout of new Quicksearch features, which will include the Books+ Advanced Search, Database A-Z list, and HathiTrust link features, as well as many smaller improvements.

During the day on Wednesday, users will not be able to log into Quicksearch while we upgrade our software. Quicksearch will still be available for Search and Discovery of Orbis, Morris, Articles+, and Digital Collections. Library IT will send out an announcement to Yulib when the upgrade is complete, and full service is once more available on Quicksearch.

The Quicksearch upgrade has been a complex, collaborative project involving nine Library IT staff, the Quicksearch Advisory Group, and other staff from around the Library system. Numerous staff have helped with testing, contributed to the creation of requirements, and participated in training and information sessions like Advanced SearchFest in August.

If you have any questions or feedback on these features, please contact
Suzanne Lovejoy at and Kalee Sprague at

 Zoom Training for the Phase One

We are excited to announce we are launching Zoom as our new video and webconferencing tool! We selected Zoom for their ease of use, video & audio quality not to mention their ability for cross-platform support.  Those staff members who were identified as being part of Phase One will be able to attend one of the following Zoom training sessions.

Scheduled Sessions:

  • Thursday Sept. 7, 3-4pm at 344 Winchester in B147   
  • Monday Sept. 11, 11am-12pm at SML International Room 177  
  • Thursday Sept. 14, 2-3pm at 344 Winchester B147

If you have any questions, please contact Reon Keller,

Inaugural Technology Fair for Staff Development

Two of Yale University’s Professional Organizations,  Future Leaders of Yale (FLY) and Women in Information Technology at Yale (WIT@Yale),  have joined efforts to organize a Technology Fair for staff development. The Technology Fair provides an opportunity to highlight technical resources available at Yale that staff may not know about and create an opportunity for staff development. The goal for the Technology Fair is for it to be an annual event.

Before Kate Hathaway took on the role of Chair of WIT@Yale, she was on the FLY Professional Development Committee and worked closely with Phil Barello, Co-chair of FLY Professional Development Committee and Mela Waters, Co-chair of FLY Steering Committee. Kate Hathaway explained, “We were all interested in ‘hard-skills’ type of workshops so this was a natural partnership.”

WIT@Yale conducted a survey in January to see what interests people had for technical presentations, the results of the survey fostered the lineup of tools and technologies included in the Technology Fair.  Presentations will be conducted in a lightning-round style with a focus on how to get started and the use of each tool. Two of Yale University Library’s staff members plan to present at the Technology Fair, Angela Sidman, the Electronic Resources Librarian and Jenn Nolte, Digital Services Librarian in Library IT.

Technology Fair Lineup:

  • Qualtrics
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • YaleSites
  • ArcGIS
  • Zoom
  • Library eResources
  • QxMD
  • Remote Testing
  • Lynda & Books 24/7
  • Yale Calendar
  • Yale Room Reservation & Scheduling
  • Yale Event Managment
  • YaleGit
  • Other free/open apps such as Google Suite, Trello and Slack

The Technology Fair takes place on September 15th at the Yale Center for Teaching, located at the Sterling Memorial Library, from 12 – 1:30 pm in Room 120. If you can’t make the event in person still register, FLY and WIT@Yale plan to give access to a live Zoom broadcast for registered attendees.

FLY is Yale University’s Official Affinity Group for Young Professionals and is sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion at Yale. FLY is open to any Yale professional, regardless of age, who is looking to further their career path. Whether they are at the beginning of their career or looking to take that next step, to further develop and enhance their opportunities at Yale. FLY provides professional development, career advancement, mentorship and networking opportunities for its members across disciplines.

WIT@Yale is a shared interest group whose goal is to encourage, empower, and support women in information technology roles by providing a community for networking and support. WIT@Yale is sponsored by two Co-Executive Sponsors: Susan Gibbons, University Librarian and Deputy Provost for Collections and Scholarly Communication; and Jane Livingston, Yale ITS Associate Chief Information Officer.



To find out more information about attending the Technology Fair, you can register here.

To find out more about FLY, you can visit their website or contact Phil Barello,

To find out more about WIT@Yale, you can visit their website or contact Kate Hathaway,

Zoom Cues YUL

After the completion of YUL’s thorough desktop video conferencing pilot project this past spring, Zoom was the clear choice. As a result,  YUL’ s Zoom license went live on June 19th and pilot participants were automatically transferred over to the new YUL license.

Library IT plans to roll out the necessary equipment, headsets and webcams, for staff members using Zoom, in a phased approach. Working with Supervisors, Library IT plans to identify the first wave of staff members to receive the service and required equipment. These staff members have a demonstrated need for Zoom for their daily business activities. Those staff members not receiving equipment in this first phase will receive it at later date this coming fall.

Zoom Equipment
Possible headset choices available to staff

Library IT’s Support Technician, Reon Keller,  held  “Show and Tell” events for staff to become familiar with the three options available for headsets.  Library IT is also working to identify whether your workstation is already equipped with a camera as well as staff with a preexisting Zoom account. Though the Zoom application and plugins can be installed by user, LIT will work with ITS to schedule a push of the Zoom application to all YUL staff workstations. This will ensure all YUL workstation are configured to readily launch Zoom for all YUL staff.

The Zoom Rollout is expected to be completed by mid-fall, with some services available sooner for staff who already have equipment in place. If you have any questions about Zoom and its implementation please feel free to reach out to Beatrice Richardson at or Cindy Greenspun at

Desktop Video Conferencing

Last year, a pilot project was conducted to evaluate desktop video conferencing solutions for YUL.  The pilot has been completed and based on the selection criteria and the experiences of pilot participants, Zoom Video Conferencing is the clear choice.  For those of you who participated in the pilot project, thank you.  Thanks also to Beatrice Richardson for leading the pilot and Library IT staff for providing support.

A project to implement Zoom for desktop video conferencing on YUL staff computers has been initiated. Library IT will soon acquire licenses and configure Zoom Video Conferencing services.  In the coming months equipment will be provided as needed (camera & headsets) for staff computers.  The project is expected to be completed by mid-fall, with some services available sooner for staff who already have equipment in place.

While the Zoom license may also be used in some conference rooms and streaming scenarios, there are other Library IT initiatives underway to identify solutions for lecture-capture and connected conference rooms.  Equipment for conference rooms and lecture halls will be outside the scope of this project focused on the deployment Zoom for desktop video conferencing.

From the entire Library IT team, we wholeheartedly thank everyone who participated in the pilot.  A summary report from the pilot is here:

If you have any further questions about the pilot, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Beatrice or Dale.