Passwords Inadvertently Convert Zoom Accounts

There have been a few YUL staff members who have had their Yale Library Zoom Account converted into a Yale University Zoom account inadvertently. Library IT has discovered the source of the conversion — using your NetId password in the Yale Library Zoom Login. You should have a Zoom account password that differs from your Yale NetId. It is easy to enter your NetId password into the Zoom login out of habit.

To confirm your Yale Library Zoom account hasn’t been converted to a Yale University Zoom account, log in to   After logging in, select “Profile” from the menu on the left, check your Account No. If the number is not Account No. 195330 then your account has been converted, see Figure 1.  If you are unable to successfully log into, you either do not have an account or your account has been converted into a Yale University Zoom account.

Figure1: Zoom Account Profile screen to ensure you are affiliated with the Yale University Library.

There are two issues that occur when an account is converted to a Yale University Zoom account.

  • Users lose access to previous recordings and scheduled meetings.
  • Meeting invitation links users have sent out prior to being converted will no longer be valid. The scheduled meetings links have the account type in its URL. For example, a link from a Yale University Library Zoom account will have the following path:

Whereas an invitation link from the Yale Zoom account will have this path:


How do I prevent this?

  • Ensure that your NetId and Yale Library Zoom account passwords are different.
  • Pay close attention to the password you use to log into your Yale Library Zoom account to prevent accidentally using your NetId password.
  • Always be sure to use when logging in on the web.


How do I get help?

If you have any questions or have discovered your account has been converted send an email to You can also open a ticket at the Library IT website.

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