Christianity defended

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  • Author: Philalethes, Member of the Church of England, author.
  • Title: Christianity defended : in a letter to the Right Honourable Simon Ld. Lovat, (in the Tower for high treason) on the importance of repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, in contradistinction to the execrable heresy of Arianism. Occasion’d by Mr. F——-‘s Account of the behaviour of the late Earl of Kilmarnock / by a member of the Church of England.
  • Publication: London : Sold by M. Cooper; J. Walter, P. and A. Brown, in Bristol : W. Frederick, J. Leake, Bath; and J. Drew, Exon, MDCCXLVI [1746]

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Acquired March 2020

The traytors coat of arms


A broadside, anti-Jacobite, anti-Catholic and anti-French. The lilies of the French Royal arms changed to upside down frogs and the legitimacy of the Stewart line questioned by the inclusion of the bed-pan child over the priest’s shoulder.

  • TitleThe traytors coat of arms [graphic].
  • Publication[London?] : [publisher not identified], publish’d September the 16th, 1746, according to act of Parliament.

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Acquired October 2016

The invasion, or, Perkins triumph…

The invasion, or, Perkins triumph

An engraving, in which a coach marked “Perkin” carries the Pretender, who is holding a mask and leaning out of the window as he cheers his adherents. The King of France is coachman; the Pope is postilion. A monk with the banner “Inquisition” is a running footman; the Devil and two monks hang on behind as footmen. A band of Scotsmen carry a banner “Slavery”. The coach has driven over a clergyman, a lawyer with “Magna Carta”, and the figure of Britannia who has dropped her purse and papers inscribed with representations of property — Leases, Bank, Exchequer, South Sea, India, and Mortgage. In the background, a monk oversees the burning of a martyr as a party of monks kneel before a cross. Several bodies hang from a triangular-shaped gallows. The setting is a town square formed by York Minster, St. James’s Palace, and the Admiralty Building, Westminster.
  • Artist: Mosley, Charles, ca. 1720-ca. 1770.
  • Title: The invasion, or, Perkins triumph : a Protestant print inscribed to all true lovers of their religion & liberty / C. Mosley invt. et sculpt.
  • Published: [London] : Publish’d according to Act of Parliament, Sep. 1745.

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Acquired October, 2011 by the Lewis Walpole Library.