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A comic map of Great Britain: an old woman is shown in profile, facing to the left, and seated on the back of a dolphin-like monster. At the top her cap is Scotland; her neck is labeled R. Tees (River Tees) and along her back is “Humber” and “The Wash” The mouth of the creature is labeled “Thames”. The other points on the map are: Isle of Wight and Bristol Channel, Cardogan Bay, and Anglesea (a bird perched on the woman’s out-stretched hand).

  • Artist: Hughes, J., active 1872, artist.
  • Title: England [art original] / Carnarvon College. March 30th 1872. J. Hughes.
  • Production: [Wales], [30 March 1872]

Catalog Record

Drawings H893 no. 1 Box D128

Acquired May 2021