Industry and oeconomy

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“Dock scene, a sign on the wall reads ‘Bell Wharf’: a man in a black coat and hat stands writing, resting the paper on a crate, looking to right at a young man with a neck-tie, who stands beside a man carrying a sack, giving an account, hat in hand, while gesturing to another man who brings a barrel up the steps and talks to a man in a rowing boat, alongside to right, with wife and two children to left.”–British Museum online catalogue, description of another print engraved after the same painting.

  • Printmaker: Darcis, Louis, -1801, printmaker.
  • Title: Industry and oeconomy [graphic] / H. Singleton pinxt. ; Darcis sculpt.
  • Publication: London : [publisher not identified], publishd. March 25, 1800.

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800.03.25.06 Impression 1

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The ax laid to the root of the corrupt tree

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  • Author: Blanch, N., author.
  • Title: The ax laid to the root of the corrupt tree, or, An essay on the hard case of the retail-traders, citizens, shopkeepers, &c. of the city of London : in regard to their trade, as at present invaded by hawkers and pedlars : humbly addressed to the gentlemen that may either be nominated, or offer themselves for candidates against the next general election for representatives in Parliament : with advice to the electors, and recommended to all others whom it may concern : shewing that the principal cause of the decrease of the legal trade of this city is more owing to our own faults therein / by a liveryman.
  • Edition: The second edition.
  • Publication: London : Printed for the author; and sold by C. Corbett,, at Addison’s Head, over-against St. Dunstan’s Church in Fleet-Street, [1741?]

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646 741 B639

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Civitas Bristol


A decree of the Common Council of Bristol signed: Cann.
The wood-engraved of the Bristol city arms is between “Civitas” and “Bristol.”

  • AuthorBristol (England)
  • TitleCivitas Bristol. Tempore Petri Day, ar’ major, XIVmo die Decembris anno Regni dom’ Georgii decimo tertio, annoq; domini, MDCCXXVI. Whereas there is and hath been, time out of mind, a good, antient, and laudable custom, had and used within the late borough, and now city of Bristol, and the liberties thereof, that no person (not being free of the said late borough, or now city) did or could keep any shop within the late borough, and now city of Bristol, or the liberties thereof …
  • Published[Bristol] : [publisher not identified], [1726]

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Bristol markets


The tickets could be had of William Ludlow, deputy clerk of the markets

  • CreatorBristol (England)
  • TitleBristol markets : In consequence of many frauds and impositions practised by sundry persons carrying provisions for the inhabitants, from the several markets within this city, the Mayor and Common Council have ordered, that such persons who shall hereafter be engaged in that way, shall bear certain tickets or marks whereby they may recommend themselves as trustworthy to their employers. …
  • Published[Bristol] : [publisher not identified], [1784]

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