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10 Ways to Develop a Signature Fashion Style

Many people seek to develop a fashion and style that is unique, distinctive, and shows off their personality and character. However, this can be hard to do. Many people are unsure what style matches their personality, or they are not sure what style and clothing types they actually like. In some cases, people just follow the trends or have been wearing certain clothing for their workplace for so long that they no longer know what their own preferences are. Here are some tips to help you find clothing styles, colors, and materials that can help you create a personal style, whether that is a preppy aesthetic, an elegant fashion, or a casual down-home look:

Know Your Body Type

Understanding your body type is essential in developing a distinctive fashion style. Knowing your body shape and the types of clothing that suit your figure can help you select the right clothing that flatters your body and enhances your overall look. While your body type isn’t “good” or “bad” and people of all body types are free to wear whatever clothes they enjoy and like, knowing how different styles might fit your body is helpful. Knowing your body type and how various kinds of clothing and styles look on you is especially useful when shopping online. It’s also helpful to try on a lot of different types of clothes so that you know how you feel in different styles. For example, try a variety of different waist types when you are trying on jeans, or a variety of lengths when you are trying on tops. This will give you useful information later when you are looking for new clothes and you will save time shopping.


Accessories can help you elevate any outfit and add a personal touch to your style. Experiment with different accessories like jewelry, hats, bags, and scarves to enhance your look and create a unique style. Accessories are good for stretching your wardrobe, making your clothing more versatile, and helping you be more creative when dressing. Accessories such as sweaters, scarves, and hats can help stretch your wardrobe into more than one season. Jewelry, jackets, and handbags can help take your look from casual to more dressy. Finally, you can get by with fewer basic clothing items like tops and pants if you have jackets, handbags, scarves, shoes, and other accessories, because these items can make a small wardrobe versatile with endless combinations.

Develop Your Signature Look

A signature look can help you stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Consider incorporating a signature piece or color into your wardrobe to create a distinctive look that’s all your own. Another way to incorporate a signature look is by choosing a style of clothing that you connect with or feel looks best on you and purchasing clothes in those styles. Of course, having a signature look doesn’t mean wearing the same clothes for all occasions. Most signature looks allow for flexibility in different situations and once you have gotten settled in your look, you will better understand how to adapt it for different occasions, events, and situations. 

Mix High and Low-End Fashion

Mix and match high-end and low-end fashion pieces to create a unique style. Pairing designer pieces with affordable items can help you create a distinct and stylish look that won’t break the bank. If there are a few designer items that you simply love, such as a certain brand of shoes or some special jewelry, spend the money on these and pair them with less-expensive things that are not as important to you, such as cheaper but still attractive tops. Overall, it’s more important to have a look that is pulled together and unique than it is to purchase expensive, name-brand items.

Shop at Different Stores

Shop at a variety of stores, both online and in-person, to find unique clothing pieces that suit your style. Don’t be afraid to venture outside of your comfort zone and explore different fashion retailers. Once you have developed an idea of your own style and favorite types of clothing, colors, and fabrics, you can shop from a variety of stores and still create a seamless signature look. By shopping in many different places you have a better chance of creating a wardrobe that fits your personality and is unique to you, rather than looking the same as everyone else.

Follow Fashion Bloggers and Influencers

Follow fashion bloggers and influencers on social media to gain inspiration and insights into the latest fashion trends. Take note of their unique styles and incorporate some of their fashion tips and tricks into your own wardrobe. Once you find a blogger or influencer who has a similar style or taste to you, follow them and keep up with their news and you will be better prepared to for shopping trips.

Invest in Quality Pieces

Investing in quality clothing pieces that are well-made and timeless can help you create a distinctive style that lasts. Choose classic items that can be worn for years to come and mix them with trendier pieces to create a modern and unique look. There are many ways to dress up or modernize classic, timeless pieces. This will save you money and time while helping you to stay fashionable and keep looking your best.

Take Care of Your Clothing

Taking care of your clothing is essential in maintaining a distinctive look. Follow the directions on the tag and make sure that you use the appropriate detergents and washer settings to help your clothes last as long as possible and stay looking attractive for as long as possible. Remember that washing clothing more than needed and in too hot of water can cause them to wear out sooner.

Experiment With Different Styles

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles and clothing pieces to find what works for you. Try out different colors, patterns, and textures to create unique outfits that reflect your personality and style. Most people get in a rut with their clothing and forget that other options exist. They usually find a few things that they like and that fit them well, and simply don’t take the time to try other things. Over time, those few things become their signature style whether or not they still like them and regardless of whether they are still in fashion or still fit them well. Even after having found your signature style it’s a good idea to keep trying new things and experimenting. 

Final Thoughts

There are no right and wrong ways to dress, and the most important thing to remember when choosing your clothes is to find items that you feel confident and comfortable in, no matter whether they are trendy or not, and no matter how much they cost. You always look your best when you are confident and comfortable.

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