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How to Choose the Best Watering System for Your Garden

It is high time to retire your good-old watering can. Your garden needs a modern irrigation system to grow green and happy. And you need a break, too!

Watering is arguably the main task of any gardener. If you choose to use a watering can or a hose, it can be tiresome and time-consuming. So, forget about these labor-intensive and outdated watering techniques and get yourself a better garden watering system. Let’s take a look at your options!

Different Types of Watering Systems

Every garden is unique, just like the person who planted it. Therefore, what works for your neighbors might not work for you. You need to find an irrigation system that meets your needs and fits your budget. Try to balance price and efficiency, though. It is crucial not to waste the water; we want our entire planet to be green, not just your garden!

There are many different watering systems on the market today. So, it should not be difficult to find an ideal match for your garden. For example, low-budget gardeners should opt for the humble sprinkler. They are cheap, flexible, and easy to use. 

For a few extra bucks, you can get in-ground sprinklers and make watering easy-breezy. With an addition of a timer, this system is self-sufficient and allows you to sit down, relax, and sip your lemonade while it does all the hard work for you. The only downside to this option is that the sprinklers are more-less fixed. Changing their position would require expensive, time-consuming rearrangement, so think twice before choosing where to install them. 

If you decide to stick to low-cost options, you can use a soaker hose. It is a simple system (i.e. hose with holes in it). However, when positioned strategically, it does not only keep your plants hydrated but saves water as well. Namely, being so close to the ground, a soaker hose drips water directly into the soil and minimizes evaporation.  

A drip irrigation system is quite similar to a soaker hose, except that it is more of a permanent solution. As far as price is considered, it is positioned between the cheap soaker hose and a somewhat expensive in-ground sprinkler system. 

If you want your garden to be 100% eco-friendly, you should water it with a rain barrel. These barrels serve to collect rainwater, which makes them both budget-friendly and ecologically sound. Of course, you’ll need to pair the barrels with some other watering method. Please try not to revert to the watering can. It is better off as a vintage garden decoration.

Last, but not least is an innovative Garden Grid watering system that combines all the watering techniques we have mentioned so far. It connects to your garden hose and allows you to adjust the water flow to your liking (drip, soak, or spray). Its grid shape enables you to grow more veggies or flowers in less space and ensures all plants receive enough water to thrive. 

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Watering System for Your Garden

Start by crossing out all hand-watering techniques – who has time for those these days? Next, determine the type of soil in your garden. The makeup of soil dictates its capacity to hold and absorb water. For example, sand absorbs far less water than clay soil and thus calls for a completely different watering system and technique.

You should also consider the size of your garden. Noone installs in-ground sprinklers in a 4×4 raised garden when they can use the noted water can to water it in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, large gardens call for big guns. The least you can do is find a long soaker hose and spread it across. 

Types of plants matter, too. You cannot water a flower garden with the same irrigation system used to water your lawn. Consider the position, size, and watering needs of each of your plants and try to adjust the watering system accordingly. A spray system might induce fungal infection in some plants or be blocked by large trees and overgrown plants. You need to make sure water can reach all parts of your garden- not soak one section and leave the other section completely dry.

The final crucial factor you need to consider when choosing your watering system is water. First of all, think about the location and availability of your water source. Water pressure plays an important role, too. If it is low, you can cross out all the sprinkler systems, and opt for a drip system instead.

The quality of water is a major concern, too. Tap water often contains chlorine and can damage your plants’ leaves if sprayed on them. Hence, it would be wise to stick to a drip watering system if tap water is your only option. On the other hand, if your water contains water-borne pathogens or some chemicals, it can ruin your plants from underneath. In this case, you’ll need to invest in a filtration system or use rainwater as an alternative. 

Do not let the information overwhelm you. Let it soak in, and then plan your watering strategy. You’ll know what’s best for your garden!

How to Become a Machine Learning Expert

Everyone knows that technology is the future, with areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) leading the way. So how can you become part of this world to become a machine learning expert?

A branch of computer science, machine learning is a relation of artificial intelligence (AI), and relates to the way that data and algorithms can imitate the way humans learn and think. Essentially, machine learning enables computers to ‘learn’ without a specific program telling them what to do.

Machine learning is already used widely across the world, probably without you realizing. When you type out a text message on your phone, the predictive text function is powered by machine learning. Chatbots that can help you instantly on a website instead of a human in customer service are also run by machine learning. Machine learning is also crucial in language translation apps, and helps to make great suggestions when you’re shopping on Amazon or browsing Netflix.

Most AI systems that are in use have machine learning elements to them. The idea of AI is that systems can perform complex, multi-tiered tasks that currently only humans can do – i.e. making computers ‘intelligent’. In recent years, machine learning has gone from being a niche to something that spans industries. Two thirds of companies now use some form of machine learning for their business, with most companies planning to use machine learning in the future.

Creating a new machine learning process requires several steps. The first necessity is having access to plenty of data to help train the machine. Data can be in the form of text, numbers or even imagery. The general rule that applies to machine learning is that the more data you have, the better the program. There are different machine learning models, and you then need to choose one of these models that will be the most relevant to your data and project. You can supply the data to this model, which will then run itself while learning, identifying patterns, and eventually making predictions. Human programmers are often needed to refine parts of the process to enable the machine to learn better.

Enabling a machine to learn in this way means that more businesses can automate key parts of their processes, and problems can be solved. The machine learning field is growing rapidly, making this an important area for people to learn and gain expertise in. If you’re keen to become a machine learning expert, here’s what you need to do.

1. Read

The world of machine learning is exciting but complex. If you think you’d like to work in the field, it’s important to read as much about it as you can. Read a machine learning blog, the latest research from universities on machine learning, and technology media publications to learn all you can. If you’re still excited by it when you’ve read widely on the subject, it’s time to gain some skills.

2. Learn Mathematics

The basis of machine learning is rooted in mathematics, so it is essential to gain some strong mathematical skills. The sub-topics of mathematics you need to know well include statistics, probability, algebra and calculus. How you learn depends on what stage of your education you are at, but there are plenty of websites, reading materials and online courses that can help you get up to scratch in this area.

3. Understand Programming

Any computer science discipline such as machine learning requires you to know about programming and data analysis. Some of the most popular tools to use are Python and R, so learn how to use these. Again, there are plenty of online courses and ‘how to’ guides on these topics, so build up your knowledge and confidence gradually. You can set yourself tests and tasks, or follow some online guidance to help build up your skillset. 

4. Do Some Projects

Once you understand the foundations of machine learning and programming, you’re ready to test out your knowledge on some actual data. You could either follow a machine learning process you find online to see if you can do it for yourself, or you can use your own data set and try something out for yourself. Choosing a topic you are really interested in can truly help, as you will have a vested interest in the results, as well as an in-built understanding of what you can expect from the machine learning results.

5. Plan Your Future

If you’ve self-taught yourself to this point, the next step is to decide what to do next. There are specific college and university courses in machine learning that you could embark on to progress your learning. This route will also enable you to gain opportunities to research areas of machine learning that have potential. If you’d prefer to go straight into work, contact some tech and AI companies to see if you can get some work experience. You may even have a shot at getting a junior position!

Workout Supplements Aren’t Only for Bodybuilders

Those who are not very familiar with the fitness scene might assume that workout supplements are only for bodybuilders and fitness fanatics, but that isn’t true. More and more gym goers, experienced and beginners alike, are becoming interested in these products. With that, more and more options are also made available to suit the different needs of consumers. If you’re imagining workout supplements to be a protein shake downed by men seeking to bulk up, then you’d be surprised to learn that the market now offers much more than that.

Supplements formulated for enhancing fitness workouts fall into two categories, pre-workout and post-workout. As the names suggest, pre-workout is taken within an hour before starting the workout and are supposed to help give the user more energy and focus to so that their performance in the gym is increased. Post-workouts are taken within an hour of the session and helps in muscle recovery and muscle building. Both are typically sold in powder form to be dissolved into a drink, but also come in other forms like pills and gummies.

Both pre- and post-workouts are not necessary for someone to achieve their fitness goals. After all, they’re called supplements for a reason. But those who are seeking an extra boost to their already established workout routine, or those who are not satisfied with their progress can definitely benefit from taking suitable supplements.

Different Supplements for Different Needs

Different people hit the gym for different reasons, as having a clear goal in mind often gives people more motivation to stick to a regular workout routine. While we all aim to achieve better health in the end, some are working toward hitting a specific target, like finishing a 10 kilometre marathon. Some focus more on aesthetics, like toning and building their muscles, or losing weight. Athletes may regularly go to the gym to complement and perform better at their main sport.

Manufacturers of workout supplements used to only target musclemen, but now they offer products specially formulated to cater to all of these different workout purposes as well. This is achieved by using different combinations and different amounts of ingredients.

Common ingredients in pre-workout supplements like caffeine and citrulline work in different ways to let the user achieve more in their workout session. More reps, heavier weights or longer intervals between breaks, for example. Post-workout supplements lean more toward energy-storing and muscle-healing ingredients like BCAAs and proteins, to make sure muscles get the most out of the session. Different companies have different formulas, many even claiming to use secret formulas, but these main ingredients are usually present . 

Taking different kinds of supplements depending on the particular type of workout session you’ll be doing on that day can also maximise results. For example, a typical week in the gym might consist of a mix between high-intensive and low-intensive days, or some days might be dedicated to lifting while others are set aside for cardio. Usually, a general pre- or post-workout is more than enough to give you that extra boost, but being a little more particular and choosing one that matches your agenda for the day might just let you reach that goal faster. 

And while the general consensus is that generic workout supplements are as beneficial for both men and women, there are products that are marketed and advertised toward specific genders. It’s pretty common for a lot of women workout supplements to have a lower dosage of ingredients per serving, taking into account the lower average body mass of women as compared to men. Some women’s fitness supplements also include extra ingredients that improve female health in general, like folic acid and iron.

The rising demand of workout supplements also means that companies are constantly trying to create more effective and better tasting formulas. Scientists are constantly publishing new studies on the properties of different compounds, which could very well become the next trendy energy booster. The options of flavours to choose from are also growing, going beyond the classic vanilla and chocolate to more unique ones like watermelon and mango.   

Before Choosing Your Supplements

These supplements, as with all other kinds of supplements, are not as strictly regulated as pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, while most workout supplements with credible certifications are safe to consume, there is no guarantee that they will work. It is important to do your own research and try for yourself to see if the supplement you choose is a good fit for your needs.

Furthermore, they will only be effective if you’ve already established a good and regular workout routine, as well as a healthy diet. Consuming extra goodies won’t do the body much good if it isn’t getting enough of the basics needed to grow and recover properly. As such, while these supplements are not exclusively meant for weightlifters, they also shouldn’t be taken by those who do not have a certain level of commitment towards physical exercise.   

What Are the Benefits of Herbal Medicine?

Herbal remedies have been in use for thousands of years by indigenous tribes and cultures like the Africans, Indians, and Chinese. Before we had synthetic medicine in the West, our apothecaries were similarly full of medicinal herbs and folk therapies.

While some of the more outlandish treatments were unfounded, many of the ingredients used by our ancestors have been proven to have therapeutic effects. What are the benefits of herbal medicine to our bodies, and how can this ancient wisdom help us today?

1. Fewer Side Effects

Did you know that 66 percent of adults in the United States use prescription drugs? Because prescription medication can be strong, it can be accompanied by significant side effects. Even common antibiotics that doctors often prescribe can create gastrointestinal issues such as cramps and diarrhea as well as cause serious issues like heart palpitations or seizures.

In contrast, herbal medicines are generally gentler on the body. When taken at the recommended doses, natural treatments result in fewer side effects. By using a natural drug instead of a pharmaceutical one, you may be able to reduce your reliance on synthetic medications and avoid their possible side effects. If you are currently on prescription medications be sure to check for drug interactions before taking herbal remedies.

2. More Accessible

Healthcare is getting increasingly expensive. Without insurance, it can cost a fortune just to see a general practitioner and a ton more to purchase the prescribed drugs. Since they are crafted from bountiful natural resources instead of being synthetically manufactured in a lab, herbal medicines are generally more affordable. This also means that they are easier for people to obtain than prescription medicine.

While you may like to consult an alternative medicine practitioner or a trained traditional healer before committing to an herbal treatment program, you do not have to navigate the prescription medication procedure created by Big Pharma. Once you know which herbs you need, you can purchase quality natural supplements easily from reputable online stores such as Ancient Bliss.

3. Holistic Health

Unlike many modern approaches that manage symptoms without addressing the root causes, traditional medicine is all about holistic health and maintaining balance within the body. This means that your alternative medicine practitioner will try to diagnose what your body is trying to tell you and formulate a treatment plan that is matched to your specific physical condition and requirements.

This journey of restoration is sometimes not simply one of the body but also of the mind and spirit. Although modern medicine understands the connection between psychological and physiological health, it can be difficult to find doctors who are able to guide their patients to full healing. Natural practitioners, however, are more open to integrating therapies to achieve true holistic health.

4. Empower Yourself

Herbal medicine offers you autonomy, whether you are disillusioned with the modern medical system or simply want to be more in control of your health. Traditional healers provide their patients with the knowledge to prevent illness, manage their chronic conditions, and promote healing. Once you are attuned to your body, you will be able to see and feel the effects of the herbal supplements that you take.

Because you can witness the positive effects on your body when you make lifestyle changes for the better, you become more motivated and empowered to undertake the journey of healing. Your fate is no longer in the hands of pharmaceuticals and multimillion-dollar corporations. Your health is in your hands, and you are informed enough to make the right choices and give your body what it needs.

What is Ancient Bliss?

Created in 2021, Ancient Bliss is a young company that brings age-old wisdom into healthcare. Its founder, Macy Schuchart, is passionate about preventative healthcare and the herbal knowledge taught by the indigenous people of Hawaii. The brand prides itself on crafting herbal supplements that enhance not only your health but also your happiness.

All the components used in Ancient Bliss supplements are extensively researched and meticulously prepared. Herbal ingredients can easily lose their potency when handled incorrectly. This is why some poor-quality supplements can have little or no effect. Ancient Bliss components are processed with the utmost care to ensure that they retain their potency and deliver the most beneficial results.

Although Ancient Bliss products are made of potent herbs instead of synthetic compounds, all their supplements are subject to rigorous testing and quality checks. This ensures that only the purest, safest, and most effective products leave their NSF GMP-registered dietary supplement manufacturing facility. In addition, composition, strength, quality, and purity details are clearly marked on every label.

As we look towards the oldest cultures in the world, we realize that they have so much knowledge to impart. Ancient Bliss combines indigenous wisdom with the strictest of manufacturing standards to produce supplements that give us the best of both worlds.

If you are tired of modern medicine and pharmaceutical drugs, consider the potential of traditional herbal medicine. Consult a doctor with experience in alternative medicine or speak to a trained traditional healer to find out how herbal medicine can heal you from the inside out.