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How to Increase Profits for Your Beauty Salon With BookBook

If you are like most beauty salon owners, you know that a full schedule is key to keeping your business profitable. While your salon may be busy for a few hours a day, there are numerous lull periods where your stylists twiddle their thumbs waiting for walk-ins. Thankfully, book-book.org has a solution for you: BookBook app can increase the number of clients you attract during these idle times.

“Platforms in other industries taught the consumers to make online bookings really fast. You can use this essential skill to your advantage by attracting consumers through the BookBook app” said Artur Izgarshev, founder of BookBook. ” With BookBook there is no longer a need to waste money on hiring marketing specialists. Our algorithms increase your salon’s visibility among clients, creating a deeper connection to the salon in three easy steps.”

1. Increase Exposure

Finding new customers is a vital but challenging endeavor for many beauty businesses. It is hard to target the right people even if you go viral. You may end up spending your valuable marketing budget on the wrong target groups: people who are too far away or those who have no use for your services. BookBook solves this problem by bringing the customer to you. All you have to do is sign up for free and only in case a customer makes a booking, you will pay a small fraction of your average customer acquisition costs.

Instead of waiting for your potential customers to search for beauty salons on various platforms and discover you on Google Maps, the app connects your clients to your salon in one place. BookBook’s built-in artificial intelligence will even suggest your salon to users based on their preferred services and location.

Furthermore, instead of having to endlessly browse through the salons online wasting their precious time, the clients can easily find your salon based on their preferences in under five minutes through BookBook. Thanks to the pandemic, consumers are used to making purchases online. So now is the time to corner the beauty market with an instant booking service like BookBook. Just think Deliveroo for beauty!

2. Get Social Proof

Most consumers these days rely heavily on social proof to make a buying decision. You may have no doubt that you are the best salon in the area, but how do you convince potential customers? The answer is that it is not your job to begin with: it is the honest opinion of other customers that makes the most impact. Hence, getting your satisfied customers to leave a review for your beauty salon is of paramount importance. However, this is easier said than done as the process of writing a review on Google Maps constitutes extra work for most people.

BookBook integrates reviews directly into their app so that your clients can conveniently leave their five-star feedback about your salon while they are relaxing after a treatment or on the ride home. Aside from rating your business itself, clients can also rate your individual stylists. Potential clients exploring your profile on the app will see both your awesome star ratings and reviews listed under your business description.

3. Fill Empty Slots

Your business may be doing fine during peak hours such as after work and on weekends, but salons need to stay busy the entire week to turn a strong profit. BookBook helps you maximize your revenue by making the booking process as easy and fast as possible. Again, its artificial intelligence engine will help you find customers for quiet times in order to fill up to 80% of your daytime capacity with bookings.

Aside from boosting your salon’s revenue during off-peak hours, BookBook can also increase your overall customer base by helping you find clients who are in your area. Additionally, keeping your empty slots filled will motivate your stylists to commit to your salon thus reducing unwanted staff turnover. This will help keep your business operating smoothly and save you both time and money.

Along with the quality of salon’s services, customers can also be influenced by the quantity of advertisement, that is the salon’s visibility or location. With BookBook, you can quickly promote your online brand by advertising your business online and in your neighborhood. This is covered by the artificial intelligence matching the customers to the salons hence it will not cost you any extra funds. Ultimately, instead of spending thousands on marketing, your salon can focus on what it does best—making people look and feel fabulous.

BookBook Story

BookBook originated as a mobile app that connects beauty salons with customers. Its founder envisioned the app allowing potential salon clients to search for services on the go and make a booking in a matter of minutes. Its easy-to-use interface and deep integration with other relevant platforms empower customers to take control of their beauty experience. At the same time, beauty salons benefit from increased exposure and app recommendations that are specifically designed to boost customer acquisition and loyalty.


BookBook is the brainchild of Artur Izgarshev. A dual-degree graduate from the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Russia, the entrepreneur is currently completing a Management degree at the London Business School. Despite his young age, Artur has already worked with top global firms such as Deloitte SAP consulting. He boasts a strong background in computer science, economics, and finance, with solid experience performing data analytics for multiple tech startups. BookBook is currently in its seed funding phase and is planned for a global launch in the near future.

For more information about BookBook, visit book-book.org or call +44 7951028777 for a free one-month business trial.

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