The soul of harmony

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  • Title: The soul of harmony : being a collection of the most admired glees, catches, duets, and songs, ancient and modern, in the English language, as sung at the harmonic & anacreontic societies of London, Norwich, Bath, &c. &c. &c.
  • Publication: Norwich : Printed and published by and for Stevenson and Matchett, Market-Place, and R.M. Bacon, Cockey-Lane; and sold by Scatcherd and Letterman …, [1804]

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74 804 So722

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Song. The independent electors of Middlesex

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A slip song with the refrain “Derry down, down, &c” addressed to constituents of Middlesex to vote for independent radical candidates George Byng and Sir Francis Burdett in the upcoming local election of 1802.


  • Title:Song. The independent electors of Middlesex.
  • Publication:[London] : J. Abraham, Clement’s Lane, [1802]

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File 763 802 So698

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