The sailor and the judge

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A judge sits in a chair (left) looking at sailor who stands, hat in hand, before him. He says, “Are you certain, in respect to your being sober at the time the circumstance happened.” The sailor with caricatured features and warts on his face, replies: “Sober. come I like that, may I never again weigh anchor if I would not call him a lubber be he who he would, that would say I was drunk, please your grave and reverend worship. I had only shipp’d in eight grogs and a gill not enough to make a lawyer merry, in short your honor, I’ll be d-nd if I was not as sober as a judge.”

  • Printmaker: Roberts, Piercy, active 1791-1805, printmaker.
  • Title: The sailor and the judge [graphic] / etch’d by Roberts.
  • Published: [London : Pubd. by Roberts, Middle Row, Holborn, between 1800 and 1807?]

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