A scene in a nunnery garden

Two young women, attired in low-cut, fine dresses, their veils pulled back over their hair exposing their pretty, young faces, sit in a semi-embrace on a blue loveseat in a garden, one looking lovingly into the eyes of the other with her hand posed to encircle her companion. The other, wearing red shoes, with a rosary at her waist, looks down toward the low neckline of the first. Standing next to them is a rotund Catholic monk in brown robes. He points to the two women while with a mischievous smile he looks to the viewer. Below him is the caption: “The Scene delightful, Beauty here, what then! Ah, Benedicite! Men are but Men.” The women speak: “We live recluse and are believed religious, We but dissemble for our Lusts prodigious.”

  • Titlescene in a nunnery garden [graphic].
  • PublicationLondon : Printed for Robert Sayer, chart, map and printseller, No. 53 Fleet Street, as the act directs, 5 April 1787.

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