Catastrophe mundi, or, Merlin reviv’d

Horace Walpole’s copy with his shelfmark.

  • Author:┬áLearned pen.
  • Title: Catastrophe mundi, or, Merlin reviv’d : in a discourse of prophecies & predictions, and their remarkable accomplishment. With Mr. Lilly’s hieroglyphicks exactly cut … As also a collection of all the antient (reputed) prophecies that are extant, touching the grand revolutions like to happen in these latter ages / by a Learned Pen.
  • Published: London : Printed and are to be sold by John How at south west corner of the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, and Thomas Malthus at the Sun in the Poultrey, 1683.

Catalog Record

49 2352

Acquired October 2013

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