Les nuits anglaises, ou, Recueil de traits singuliers

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  • Author: Contant d’Orville, André Guillaume, 1730?-1800, author.
  • Title: Les nuits anglaises, ou, Recueil de traits singuliers, d’anecdotes, d’événemens remarquables, de faits extraordinaires, de bizarreries, d’observations critiques & de pensées philosophiques, &c. propres à faire connaître le génie & le caractère des Anglais. Premiere [-quatrieme] partie.
  • Published: A Paris : Chez J. P. Costard, libraire, rue Saint Jean-de-Beauvais, la premiere porte cochere au-dessus du Collège, MDCCLXX [1770]

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63 770 C76

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Bishop Burnet’s history of his own time

Bishop Burnet's history of his own time. Detailed description below.

v.1. From the restoration of King Charles II. to the settlement of King William and Queen Mary at the revolution: to which is prefix’d a summary recapitulation of affairs in church and state from King James I. to the restoration in the year 1660. — v.2. From the revolution to the conclusion of the treaty of peace at Utrecht, in the reign of queen Anne. To which is added, the author’s life, by the editor.

  • Author: Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715.
  • Title: Bishop Burnet’s history of his own time …
  • Published: London, Printed for Thomas Ward in the Inner-Temple Lane, 1724-34

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Quarto 63 742 B96

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Hudibras vanquish’d by Trulla

Hudibras vanquish'd by Trulla

“Hudibras is sprawled on the ground with Trulla, a large country-woman, astride him fending off angry villagers, including a cobbler and a butcher, wielding clubs; to left, Ralpho is held by a man with a rope and another with a sword”– British Museun online catalogue.

  • PrintmakerHogarth, William, 1697-1764, printmaker.
  • TitleHudibras vanquish’d by Trulla [graphic] / W. Hogarth invt. et sculp.
  • Edition[State 4].
  • PublicationLondon : Printed and sold by Robert Sayer, opposite Fetter Lane, Fleet Street, [1726]

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Hogarth 768.00.00.02 Box 112

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Hudibras’s first adventure

Hudibras's first adventure

Hudibras and Ralpho encounter a mob armed with sticks; in the foreground to right, a one-legged fiddler, a butcher and a dancing bear with his leader. On the left, a woman reaches out her arms.

  • PrintmakerHogarth, William, 1697-1764, printmaker.
  • TitleHudibras’s first adventure [graphic] / W. Hogarth delin. et sculp.
  • Edition[State 3].
  • Publication[London] : Sold by Phil. Overton near St. Dunstans Church Fleetstreet, [1726]

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Hogarth 726.00.00.26 Box 100

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The Universal magazine of knowledge and pleasure


  • Uniform TitleUniversal magazine of knowledge and pleasure (London, England : Monthly)
  • TitleThe Universal magazine of knowledge and pleasure: for …
  • Published[London] : Printed by and for M. Brown, in Windmill Court, near West-Smithfield, and for W. Bent, at the Kings Arms, Pater-noster Row, [1747]-[1803]

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61 Un4

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Horace Walpole and his world

lwlacq000200 (1024x714)

Extra-illustrated with ninety-one engraved portratis and views, most inlaid to size. Acidic newspaper clippings attached to some preliminary leaves with offset.

  • AuthorWalpole, Horace, 1717-1797.
  • Uniform Title[Correspondence. 1884.]
  • TitleHorace Walpole and his world : select passages from his letters / edited by L. B. Seeley … With eight illustrations after Sir Joshua Reynolds and Sir Thomas Lawrence.
  • PublishedLondon : Seeley, Jackson, and Halliday, 1884.

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225 884S Copy 6

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Catastrophe mundi, or, Merlin reviv’d

Horace Walpole’s copy with his shelfmark.

  • Author: Learned pen.
  • Title: Catastrophe mundi, or, Merlin reviv’d : in a discourse of prophecies & predictions, and their remarkable accomplishment. With Mr. Lilly’s hieroglyphicks exactly cut … As also a collection of all the antient (reputed) prophecies that are extant, touching the grand revolutions like to happen in these latter ages / by a Learned Pen.
  • Published: London : Printed and are to be sold by John How at south west corner of the Royal Exchange in Cornhill, and Thomas Malthus at the Sun in the Poultrey, 1683.

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49 2352

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A new and authentic history of England

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“A regal table of sovereigns of England, and Great Britain, from Egbert the Great to the present period”–p. [872].     “A genealogical account of the descent of George III. from Egbert, the first King of England”–p. [1] in final sequence.

  • Author: Russel, William Augustus.
  • Title: A new and authentic history of England : from the most remote period of genuine historical evidence, to the present important crisis : containing an interesting chronicle of the monarchs ; an accurate chronological account of remarkable events; an entertaining recital of singular occurrences; and an impartial biographical narrative of the lives of eminent persons: including, in the whole, all that is worthy of observation in the annals of the British empire … / by William Augustus Russel, Esq.
  • Published: London : Printed for J. Cooke, at Shakespeare’s-Head, No. 17, in Pater-Noster Row, MDCCLXXVII [1777]

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Folio 63 777 R95

Acquired May 2013