An inventory of the goods and chattels of Sus: Wood

Manuscript inventory of the household goods of Susanna Wood, who appears to have had a thriving farming business at the time the inventory was made in 1785. In addition to the usual household items, the inventory also includes a quantity of “Hogheads of Cyder” kept at several locations, three cider presses at two separate locations, “Malt Mill &c. … Untensils belonging to it”, apple trees, gardens, numerous farm animals including cows, horses, sheep, and pigs, andd related items including hay and barley, farm equipment, cheesemaking tools, and a long list of household items and furniture.

  • Title:¬†An inventory of the goods and chattels of Sus: Wood &c. &c. &c., 1785 / Mr. Cowlen Mr. W. Cowlen & Mr. E. Cross to value it.

Catalog Record 

File LWL Mss File 139

Acquired March 2018

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