An inventory of the goods and chattels of Sus: Wood

Manuscript inventory of the household goods of Susanna Wood, who appears to have had a thriving farming business at the time the inventory was made in 1785. In addition to the usual household items, the inventory also includes a quantity of “Hogheads of Cyder” kept at several locations, three cider presses at two separate locations, “Malt Mill &c. … Untensils belonging to it”, apple trees, gardens, numerous farm animals including cows, horses, sheep, and pigs, andd related items including hay and barley, farm equipment, cheesemaking tools, and a long list of household items and furniture.

  • TitleAn inventory of the goods and chattels of Sus: Wood &c. &c. &c., 1785 / Mr. Cowlen Mr. W. Cowlen & Mr. E. Cross to value it.

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File LWL Mss File 139

Acquired March 2018

Account book recording personal expenditure and receipts

Manuscript account book in a single hand recording the personal expenditures of Lady Sophia Wodehouse between January 1798 and December 1816. The volume lists the payments that she received from her husband as well as a range of personal and household expenses for herself and her children, documenting the kind of expenditures made by a woman, wife, and mother from the aristocracy at the turn of the nineteenth century, living between London and a grand manor in Norwich. In addition to the meticulous detail of wages paid to household servants and craftsman and laborers (chimney sweep) and payments made to “various poor people”, the list includes payments to a mantua maker, confectioners, grocers, shoemakers, and haberdashers; fees for silk stockings, hair powder, “Twining tea, coffee, & chocolate”, wax and spemaceti candles. The record includes in some cases the names of the suppliers and London businesses (Barto Valle). Three laid-in pages includes a list of 16 recipients of “Christmas boxes 1810” that include: “glasiers boy”, “butchers boy”, “blacksmiths boy”, “wheelwright boy”, “chimney sweeper”, etc. The last few pages provide a grand total of expenses represented in the volume in various categories.

  • AuthorWodehouse, Sophia, 1747-1825.
  • TitleAccount book recording personal expenditure and receipts, 1798 Jan 29-1816 Dec 15.

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LWL Mss Vol. 227

Acquired November 2016

Inventory of Sr. Robert Danvers’s goods at Rushbrook



A detailed manuscript inventory in a single hand, taken in May 1759 “when the Duke of Cleveland came into the house.” Arranged by room, the inventory provides a detailed list of the furniture, decorative items, and other furnishings for the servants rooms, serving halls, storage areas, and even the dog kennel as well as the public rooms and owners’ personal spaces.

  • TitleInventory of Sr. Robert Danvers’s goods at Rushbrook when the Duke of Cleveland came into the house, 1759, 1760 February.

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LWL Mss Vol. 210

Acquired July 2013


Account book of Rev. Miles Tarn



A personal account book kept by Miles Tarn beginning two years before he attended Queen’s College, Oxford and ending in the year of his death 1797. He provides a biographical sketch as well as details of the births, marriages, and deaths of his eleven children by his first wife, Mary (died 26 February 1784); he traces the history of the family estate at Wray beginning in 1615. The entry recording his marriage to second wife, Grace Peele of Cocersmouth is followed by an entry (in his wife’s hand?) that records the details of the time and date of his death and details of the funeral and burial. The bulk of the manuscript details his expenses. Of particular interest are the entries for the 1750’s as he set up a home in Dean after becoming rector. Items listed include: furniture, crockery, household utensils, clothing, fruit trees and gardening tools; monies lent and wages paid to workmen.

  • AuthorTarn, Miles, 1719-1797.
  • TitleAccount book of Rev. Miles Tarn’s, Rector of Dean in Cumbria, 1735-1797.

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LWL Mss Vol. 212

Acquired January 2014

A true and perfect inventory of …Thomas Batt, clothier

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Manuscript, in a single hand, signed by the two appraisers, Nathaniel Halliday and John Webb, and dated 10 November 1739.

  • Title:A true and perfect inventory of the houshold goods and chattells of Thomas Batt, clothier, deceased of Stephens Bridge in the parish of Bisley in the county of Gloucester …, 1739 November 10.

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LWL Mss File 88

Acquired July 2012

Inventory of the goods & chattles of Richard Phelps of the Parish of Awre…

Inventory of the goods & chattles of Richard Phelps of the Parish of Awre, 1758 November 10.

LWL Mss File 49+

Manuscript, in a single hand, signed by the two appaisers: Richard Blanck and W. Swayns Junior. Richard Phelps was a carpenter and coffin maker living in the Forest of Dean, Gloucester, above his workshop. The inventory contains a detailed listing of his tools as well as his household possessions — furniture, cloths, kitchen wares and other household goods — as well as his stock boards for his business. The docket title is dated 9th-10th [November] 1758 on the verso of the second leaf.

Inventory of the goods & chattels of Richard PhelpsSubjects (Library of Congress): Phelps, Richard, d. 1758; Households–Great Britain; House furnishings–Great Britain; Inventories.

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