The agenda for the Governing (with) AI Conference is being designed as a combination of planned sessions and emergent participant-driven discussions, and specific topics will be placed into time slots based on input at the meeting from those in attendance. Sessions will be dialog- and outcome-oriented rather than presentations or lecture format.

The following are some general guidelines regarding how we’ll run the workshop:

  • The agenda is malleable. Sessions will be proposed and moved around to accommodate requests by both participants and facilitators.  Stated start and end times are approximate and may shift. But we plan to start each day on time and end on time or early, and lunch will not be denied 🙂
  • Full participation in the program is requested; part-time participation will work against the overall event goals. In particular, we ask all participants to refrain from scheduling side meetings during scheduled agenda times. We ask that each participant utilize their seat at the meeting to the fullest for the benefit of all.
  • This is a “devices at ease” event: use of laptops and cellphones during sessions is strongly discouraged unless you are a designated note taker. We encourage all participants to be fully present in sessions and discussions, rather than multi-tasking on email etc. We invite participants to use the morning and afternoon breaks, as well as the lunch hour, to check in with external realities.
  • Notes will be dynamically captured during sessions. We will be asking each participant to help capture notes in at least one session, so as to spread the work around evenly. If each person present takes notes at some point, no one will need to take notes more than once.
  • Overall, sessions are intended to be highly interactive. Facilitators’ primary goal is to enable learning, address questions, and support peer sharing and co-creation. Bring your ideas, your questions, and your knowledge to contribute!

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