The Governing X series is a new conference series hosted by the Democratic Innovations program at Yale’s Institute for Social and Policy Studies (ISPS), a new program designed to identify and test ideas for improving the quality of democratic representation and governance. This conference series is designed and organized by Hélène Landemore, who also leads a research agenda on citizens’ assemblies within Democratic Innovations.

The Governing X series’ ambition is to address concrete governance problems from a theoretical, practical, and normative perspective, bringing together interdisciplinary crowds and mixing academics, industry people, and policy experts. The goal is both to advance the research frontier and academic thinking on the relevant topic and to generate novel ideas, conceptual frameworks, and policy or tech instruments to help solve problems and bring about fair and useful change.

The program will start with two back-to-back and overlapping conferences on “Governing Citizens’ Assemblies” and “Governing (with) AI.” Tentative ideas for future conferences are “Governing the Future,” “Governing the Corporation,” “Governing Europe,” and “Governing the World.”