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Library Services for SOM Graduates

As you prepare for graduation, please be aware that your eligibility for library services will change as you transition from student to alumnus.

In most cases, access to e-resources (including databases) provided by the library is contractually limited to currently enrolled students of Yale University, faculty, and staff. Graduating students will retain VPN access to our online resources through October 1, 2021.  
  1. Capital IQ accounts for graduating students will remain active through August 31, 2021 (with VPN)
  2. As alumni, access to Mergent Online, Mergent Intellect, and GoinGlobal is available through the SOM Alumni Portal at https://alumni.som.yale.edu/career/career-resources 
  3. All Yale alumni can also register for free access to JSTOR and Hein Online. Please click here to register: https://alumni.yale.edu/learn/learn-online#library-resources-and-journals

Please contact the Business and Management Librarians with questions.

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