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Pitchbook update: What to do when your account expires on May 31

Individual Pitchbook accounts will expire on Sunday, May 31. Current students, faculty, and staff at Yale University can continue to use Pitchbook by re-registering their accounts. 

To get started, visit https://yale.pitchbook.com/ while on the Yale network (Yale Secure WiFi while on-campus, VPN when off-campus) and click on the Create an account link.

When re-registering your account, use your @yale.edu email address.  A new password is required.  After the registration process is complete, saved searches and lists will remain available in individual account profiles.

If you continue to receive a message stating that your access has expired when visiting https://yale.pitchbook.com/, clear your cache or cookies and try visiting the page again.

Please note: Individual accounts are still limited to 10 downloads per day and 25 downloads per month.  (1 downloads = 1 row of data on an Excel file.)  Faculty may request enhanced content with higher download limits for an additional charge.

Have questions or need additional assistance?  Contact us at business.reference@yale.edu

Library Services Part II: Beyond the basics

Last week, we covered essential library services, including where to search for books, how to find business library databases, and where the nearest library is, in order to help you hit the ground running as an SOM student. Today, we will look at additional services that we offer to make your research a little easier:

  • Scan & Deliver is a service that allows you to search Orbis and request scanned articles and book chapters that are not available though our databases & other digital offerings. 
  • What if Yale doesn’t have book that you are looking for? Search Borrow Direct (quickest at approximately 2-4 days) and request it or, submit an Interlibrary Loan request (approximately 4-14 days). You will be notified when your item has been delivered and is ready for pickup

For more information about these services, visit Get It @ Yale .

  • Keep your research organized and make writing papers & creating bibliographies easier with citation management services & support.
  • Interested in off-campus access to library databases? You’ll need to install the free VPN client on your computer. 

As always, contact the SOM Librarian, Erin Wachowicz, about these services or if you have any other questions.



Connecting to Yale Library Resources From Off-Campus

To use Yale e-resources, including databases, e-journals, & e-books, you need to be identified as a Yale University Library patron. You do this by making sure your computer appears to be on the Yale network. This is easy when you are on campus using your laptop – just connect to the YaleSecure wireless network. When you are off campus, you will use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to put your laptop or desktop computer back on the Yale network.

For information on how to do this, visit http://portal.som.yale.edu/how/tutorials/computing-tips/cisco-anyconnect-vpn-windows-installation for Windows  or http://portal.som.yale.edu/how/tutorials/computing-tips/cisco-anyconnect-vpn-apple-mac-os-x for Mac OS X.

Students may contact SOM IT at (203) 432-7777 or somit@yale.edu for assistance with the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.

Tip: Before attempting to access or open a library database, be sure to connect to the Yale network via VPN first.


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