“This Is Not Your Father’s Blog.”

What if we had something different?

  • You’re walking down a New Haven Street, and they’re digging it up. It makes you wonder about the streets and what’s under them.
  • You’re walking across the Yale campus, and you wonder about a tree you see.
  • You’re on Crown Street, and you wonder how long Louie’s Lunch has been there.

What if a blog could connect you, your environment and the past–so that blogging meant

  • telling a story about where you are physically,
  • told you about the place where you were standing?

What if a blog could help you–

  • learn about medieval Russian painting
  • get help with your writing from fellow students
  • practice Japanese
  • understand how rhythm in music affects the brain?

What if a blog wasn’t just words and stock photos but also

  • original & historical photographs
  • video
  • audio
  • maps
  • interactivity?

What if the blog:

  • incorporated social media live in realtime? And
  • served a social purpose beyond personal minutia?

That’s Blogging 3.0.

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