Years of Rhythmic Research

Rhythm Cog Lab

Undergraduate students in the Fall and Graduate students in the Spring contribute to a years long website about the Cognition of Musical Ryhthm.

Beginning in the Fall of 2012, Professor Poudrier wanted to create a website that consisted of several elements:

  • Blog
  • Project proposals and final drafts
  • Bibliography
  • Glossary
  • Resource links
  • Announcements
  • News and Events
  • Forum

Using categories for the various sections and several plugins for functionality,  the information architecture of the site began to take shape.

Of particular interest are the bibliography and glossary pages created using a wiki plugin which allows for many authors on a single post. Students can add terms and update entries. The same is true of the bibliography. The wiki creates an alphabetized list of each bibliographic entry.

The forum uses the single post option and students respond in the commenting field for each post. Comments can be threaded and 5 deep in the WordPress platform.

Projects can be archived and available for student review in the coming years.

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