What Is Blogging 3.0?


Instead of doing personal writing,  Blogging 3.0 is more likely to be documentary and collaborative.

It’s often a class project–that may last weeks, months, or even years.

It may live on a blogging platform like WordPress or something more  like a content management system (such as Drupal).

Instead of moving from recent posts to older ones, the site has a logical structure.

  • Students and faculty alike learn to create and work within an information architecture–the way this site is organized.
  • They think about site organization and usability.
  • With an avalanche of information, the question becomes: how to find what you need.

Blogging 3.0 may make the blog into a book or a gallery or a map–not just a blog.

Blogging 3.0 may use new tools for a richer experience and more interactivity.

Blogging 3.0 creates knowledge & resources to share with others–student research in service of the public.


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