An account of runaway slaves

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no. 1. Runaway slaves, killed, and by whom — no. 2 Runaway slaves taken by the Loyal Dominica Rangers, by the militia or volunteers sent against the runaways … — no. 3. Runaway slaves surrendered to the Loyal Dominica Rangers. — no. 4 Slaves taken up by managers of palntations, by constables, &c in towns … — no. 5 Slaves, stated by Mr. Bruce, the Governor’s secretary, to have surrendered to the Governor, and pardened by him; and restored to their owner. — Recapitulation.

  • Author: Great Britain. Colonial Office.
  • Title: An account of runaway slaves : killed, taken, and surrendered, between the 10th day of May 1813, the date of Governor Ainslie’s proclamation, and the 22nd day of November 1814, the day of his departure from Dominica : distinguishing the sexes and the children : with the manner in which they have been disposed of.
  • Publication: [London] : [House of Commons], [1816]

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