Queries, Lascars and Chinese : manuscript

hand-written text on yellowed paper

Taken as part of a parliamentary investigation into the living conditions of ‘Lascars and Chinese’ was begun in 1814 An account of the responses to fifteen Asian and Chinese seamen of the East India Company living in appalling conditions at Shadwell in the East End of London. , which produced a Report from a Committee on Lascars and Other Asiatic Seamen in 1816. As part of their investigation, a number of questions required answering; fifteen ‘queries’ were put forward by the committee, with one of their clerks dispatched to Shadwell to receive answers. Thirteen of the questions are answered here.

  • Title: Queries, Lascars and Chinese : manuscript.
  • Production: London, 1814

Catalog Record

LWL Mss Vol. 275

Acquired August 2022

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