Peace in India, or, The conquest of Seringapatnam

description belowTen hand-colored engravings, depicting scenes from the Battle of Seringapatnam, form the border of a writing sheet, one each along the upper and lower edges and four on either side. Illustrations include, at the top, a battle scene; portraits of the British generals, Harris and Stuart; Tippoo Saib discovered among the slain, Tippoo’s sons surrender; A sepoy upon a charge, An Indian soldier; Tippoo Sultan, Tippoo Sultan’s wife; a design with flags, drums, cannons, swords and bugles. The battle scene and the image with the two sons include images of elephants.


  • Title: Peace in India, or, The conquest of Seringapatnam [picture].
  • Published: London : Published … by Laurie & Whittle, 53, Fleet Street, 18th Novr. 1799.

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Acquired December 2020

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