A Fencer

Half length portrait of Henry Angelo as a fencer, directed towards the right, facing and looking towards the left, with long hair and a double-breasted fencing jacket (formerly misidentified as a Guernsay jacket). He holds a foil in his right hand.

  • Printmaker, Publisher: Scott, B. F.
  • Title:A fencer  / J.R. Smith delinqt. ; B.F. Scott sculp.
  • Published: [London] : Publish’d by B.F. Scott, No. 18 Broad Court, Long Acre, ‡c [1791?].

Catalog Record & Digital Collection

Acquired June 2012

2 thoughts on “A Fencer

  1. Great image. Thanks for sharing.

    If you check out the painting this print is most likely taken from (link below) you can see that this is a white, right-handed (the button closures are the reverse of normal men’s wear to prevent blades from easily entering at the button line), double-breasted fencing jacket, ancestor to the modern fencing jacket, rather than a knitted Guernsey garment. Unlike modern fencing jackets, Angelo’s has a lined turndown collar.


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