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Skepticism: A Contemporary Reader

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Skepticism: A Contemporary Reader
Edited by Keith DeRose and Ted A. Warfield
Oxford University Press, 1999
A collection of the best and most important recent philosophical essays on the topic of skepticism.


  • Anthony Brueckner
  • Keith DeRose
  • Fred Dretske
  • Graeme Forbes
  • Christopher Hill
  • David Lewis
  • Thomas Nagel
  • Robert Nozick
  • Hilary Putnam
  • Ernest Sosa
  • Gail Stine
  • Barry Stroud
  • Peter Unger
  • Ted A. Warfield


Chapter 1    Introduction: Responding to Skepticism
Keith DeRose
1. The Argument by Skeptical Hypothesis
2. “Aw, Come On!”
3. Moore’s Response
4. The Response from Semantic Externalism
5. Responses from Epistemic Externalism
6. Relevant Alternatives and Denying Closure
7. Contextualist Responses
8. Concessive Responses

The Response from Semantic Externalism

Chapter 2    Brains in a Vat
Hilary Putnam

Chapter 3    Semantic Answers to Skepticism
Anthony Brueckner

Chapter 4    Realism and Skepticism: Brains in a Vat Revisited
Graeme Forbes

Chapter 5    A Priori Knowledge of the World:
Knowing the World by Knowing Our Minds
Ted A Warfield

Responses from Epistemic Externalism

Chapter 6    Philosophical Scepticism and Epistemic Circularity
Ernest Sosa

Chapter 7    Process Reliabilism and Cartesian Scepticism
Christopher S. Hill

Relevant Alternatives and Denying Closure

Chapter 8    Epistemic Operators
Fred Dretske

Chapter 9    Skepticism, Relevant Alternatives, and Deductive Closure
Gail Stine

Chapter 10   Philosphical Explanations (Selections)
Robert Nozick

Contextualist Responses

Chapter 11  Solving the Skeptical Problem
Keith DeRose

Chapter 12  Elusive Knowledge
David Lewis

Concessive Responses

Chapter 13  Philosophical Relativity (Selections)
Peter Unger

Chapter 14  The View from Nowhere (Selections)
Thomas Nagel

Chapter 15  Scepticism, ‘Externalism’, and the Goal of Epistemology
Barry Stroud


Editor’s Introduction: “Responding to Skepticism”

Note: This is from the disk I (KDR) sent to Oxford UP.  Since the document on the disk was edited a bit, what appears here is not exactly as the essay appears in Skepticism.  It’s pretty close, though.  In the version that appears in the book, page references to other essays in Skepticism refer to page numbers in the book, while here page references are, for the most part, to the original place of publication of the essays referred to.

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