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Philosophy of Religion Readings

Phil. 442/642 Reading List (so far)

  • P. Unger, “Free Will and Scientiphicalism” [ pdf link ]
  • M. Adams, “Introduction [to The Problem of Evil]” (PE)
  • D. Lewis, “Evil for Freedom’s Sake?,” Philosophical Papers 22 (1993): 149-172
  • A. Plantinga, “God, Evil, and the Metaphysics of Freedom” (PE)
  • R. Adams, “Middle Knowledge and the Problem of Evil” (PE)
  • K. DeRose, “Plantinga, Presumption, Possibility, and the Problem of Evil,” Canadian Journal of Philosophy 21 (1991): 497-512.
  • R. Chisholm, “The Defeat of Good and Evil” (PE)
  • W. Rowe, “The Problem of Evil and Some Varieties of Atheism” (PE)
  • S. Wykstra, “The Humean Obstacle to Evidential Arguments from Suffering: On Avoiding the Evils of Appearance” (PE)
  • W. Rowe, “Evil and the Theistic Hypothesis: A Response to Wykstra” (PE)
  • J. Hick, “Soul-Making and Suffering” (PE)
  • M. Adams, “Horrendous Evils and the Goodness of God” (PE)

Copies of all of the above are now available in CT 108.

(PE) indicates that the paper is in the Adams, Adams, ed. Problem of Evil anthology.
None of these papers appears to be on either JSTOR or Ingenta.

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